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The £10-a-game poker player who won $2.6m

BBC News

John Hesp sells caravans in Yorkshire for a living and plays poker once a month at his local casino - so it was a huge shock when he went to Las Vegas and won a small fortune. But perhaps it's just as surprising that his life hasn't changed a bit.

10 Best Poker Sites UK 2017 (Reviews & Bonus)


Do you know what makes poker the most popular casino game? Its unique blend of strategic decision making under pressure and possibility to play the players, not the cards, turn this simple game into an elaborate affair, which provides an unmatched adrenalin kick. Easy to learn, hard to master, poker comes in many flavours. Undoubtedly, the most popular variations are Texas Hold'em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud, and they figure at all the best online poker sites, UK and worldwide. Thanks to poker's immense popularity, there are so many online poker sites that it is difficult to pinpoint the absolute best place to play.

Could AI bot beat Bond in a Casino Royale style showdown

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In the high stakes world of professional poker, calculating the odds can go a long way to help win the hand. And a new bot developed by a team of computer scientists could give even James Bond a run for his money. The DeepStack system uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce an exponentially complex number of calculations to a more manageable size - then decides on its play in a matter of seconds. A combination of cool composure, a strong hand and more than a dash of luck allowed James Bond to walk off with a massive £93 million ($115 million) pot in Casino Royale. DeepStack played 3,000 hands each against eleven professional players.

The poker machine

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The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 2000 attracted a record 500 players. Over four days, contestants were gradually eliminated until just two men were left to face off in poker's flagship game, Texas Hold'Em. The more experienced player was a living legend named T.J. Cloutier, a 62-year-old Texan road gambler who was regarded by many as the best in the world. His opponent was a 37-year-old computer scientist from California named Chris Ferguson who had only been playing World Series games since 1996, never finishing higher than fourth place. Ferguson might have been a relative newcomer, but he was hard to miss. He had earned the nickname "Jesus" because he hid his face behind a long beard and hair that cascaded over his shoulders, buttressed by wraparound mirror shades and a big cowboy hat. Ferguson never spoke during a game, determined not to show any sign of human emotion; he didn't pay much attention to other players' nervous tics either, preferring to draw all his information from the cards. In Las Vegas that week he had destroyed the field and came to the table with 10 times as many chips as his opponent. More…Cloutier, a former football pro with huge shoulders, paws that dwarfed his cards, and a dominant presence at the table, had seen it all before.

Poker player Phil Ivey loses £7.7m punto banco casino case

BBC News

One of the world's top poker players, Phil Ivey, has lost a Supreme Court bid to reclaim £7.7m of winnings withheld by a London casino for five years. The American was challenging a Court of Appeal judgement that Crockfords Club could refuse to pay up when Ivey won the cash playing card game punto banco. The club said Mr Ivey had broken its rules by using an "edge-sorting" technique to spot advantageous cards. Mr Ivey had consistently argued that he had merely used a legitimate advantage. The 40-year-old, a former winner of the World Series of Poker, had arranged to play a private game of punto banco - a form of baccarat - at the casino in Mayfair, along with a fellow gambler, Cheung Yin Sun, during a visit to London in 2012.