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Tesla Finally Makes Its New Autopilot as Good as the Old One


Tesla is pushing a software update that makes its latest cars as good as its older cars. AutoPilot 8.1 expands the autonomous capabilities of every Tesla sold in the past six months, making them more adept at cruising along on their own. Once downloaded and installed, the cars can steer themselves at up to 80 mph (up from 55 mph), squeeze into tight parking spaces, and change lanes when the driver clicks on the turn signal. Perhaps those skills sound familiar: Model S sedans and Model X crossovers that rolled out of the Tesla factory before October could do all of those things. Cars built in the past six months took a step backward when Tesla started installing more sophisticated hardware--gear CEO Elon Musk says could give the cars full autonomy one day--but not the software needed to use it.

GE Digital expands edge capabilities on Predix


GE Digital announced expansions to its suite of edge-to-cloud technologies and industrial applications, including its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform Predix.

Defence kicks off first stage of Australian space domain awareness capability


The Australian Department of Defence has announced plans to build a space domain awareness (SDA) capability for the Australian Defence Force in light of the country's growing space industry, in addition to the recent establishment of the Australian Space Agency. Under the SDA Project JP9360, the capability would be built to help identify threats to Australian and allied space-based capabilities, inform about the location of spacecraft, monitor man-made and natural debris, and identify space weather events. "JP9360 will deploy a diverse set of space surveillance sensors around the country, network those sensors to an enterprise data repository, and develop a suite of analytics and user interface software to generate domain awareness products from sensor data, intelligence, and other relevant information sources," Defence said. The Department of Defence added the capability would be connected and integrated with the United States and other coalition space operation partners to enable worldwide sensor coverage. "In the event of any temporary disconnection from this global network, Defence will retain a limited SDA capability to support our highest priority missions until connectivity can be restored. JP9360 is not attempting to deliver an independent SDA capability with worldwide sensor coverage," Defence said.

Enterprise cloud adoption outstrips cybersecurity capabilities


Enterprise companies are adopting SaaS at a rapid pace but are failing to budget for security solutions to protect the data they hold, research suggests. On Tuesday, cloud security firm iboss released a white paper documenting the rising adoption rates of software as a service (SaaS) applications, which while often valuable for companies, may also pose a risk when cybersecurity is an afterthought. The report, titled "Head in the Cloud: Misconceptions Hindering Enterprise Cloud Adoption," claims that 64 percent of US enterprise players believe the pace of SaaS application adoption is "outpacing their cybersecurity capabilities." In total, 61 percent of enterprise IT staff cite data privacy as a primary concern for the growing adoption of SaaS. With data breaches now so commonplace, the idea of sensitive, corporate information being leaked from non-secure cloud environments causes IT staff to break out in a cold sweat.

VMware's Cloud Foundation gets integrated cloud management capabilities


VMware is updating Cloud Foundation, its software defined data center (SDDC) platform for running clouds, to offer integrated cloud management services via the vRealize Suite of tools.