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RED Explains How The Holographic Display On The Hydrogen One Will Work

International Business Times

RED Digital Cinema, widely known for its cinema cameras, will release its own Android smartphone called the Hydrogen One in 2018, which features a "holographic display." Now, the company has finally explained the technology behind the phone's curious new display. RED revealed in a press release that it has partnered with a startup called Leia Inc. The startup's name seems to be a reference to Princess Leia, who appeared as a hologram in the first "Star Wars" film from 1977. Leia Inc. was founded on 2014 and claims to specialize in lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile devices.

Magic Leap shows off AR headset that ships in 2018


Magic Leap on Wednesday finally unveiled its augmented reality headset called the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. It will be released in 2018 aimed at developers and connects to a small computer called Lightpack via wire to project lifelike objects over the real world.

How the Magic Leap Lightwear Headset Might Actually Work


Rony Abovitz has never been one for direct information. Over the past few years, the Magic Leap founder has confounded people with not-exactly-updates about his company's not-exactly-vaporware mixed-reality system--especially on Twitter, where he's been given to statements like "We are not chasing perfection - we are chasing'feels good, feels right'. So last week, when he dropped this teaser, many assumed it would lead to just another YouTube video of frustrating breadcrumbs.