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Kohler unveils a $16,000 LED bathtub at CES that lights up and shoots fog from the sides

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Want to slip into a bath that's the absolute perfect temperature? Kohler, the 148-year-old kitchen-and-bath company, unveiled a new $16,000 'smart' bathtub at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that can be controlled by your phone. The pricey appliance generates fog, mood lighting and pleasing essential-oil aromas to'relax the mind, soothe the body and renew the spirit.' The company also introduced a smart toilet with a remote and touchless bathroom faucet at the electronics conference, which has gone virtual in light of the pandemic. Inspired by Japan's Shinrin-yoku ('forest bathing'), Kohler's new Stillness Bath is a sensory experience, with full-spectrum lights around the base, fog across the surface of the tub, and essential oils that emit invigorating aromas Monday kicks off the first day of CES, which usually hosts thousands of tech enthusiasts from around the world in Las Vegas.

7 things in your bathroom you’ll soon be able to control with Alexa

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If you know anything about home design, I'm guessing you know the name Kohler. Their kitchen and bath collections are some of the most visually stunning out there, and at CES 2018 they unveiled a whole new facet to their faucets (and showers and toilets and baths). Kohler Konnect marks the brand's foray into the smart home world, and they're making a big splash with a lineup of connected bath and kitchen products.

Kohler has smart kitchen and bath products to show at CES


One of the oldest names in kitchen and bath fixtures is getting serious about the smart home. Kohler announced Friday that it will show seven new smart home products at CES 2018, including mirrors, faucets, toilets, and bath products in its Kohler Konnect line.

£4,000 voice-activated smart loo with automatic flush

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Smart devices are quickly transforming our homes and one firm is hoping to do the same for our bathrooms, with a smart loo set to cost more than £4,000 ($5,600).


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Welcome to your 2019 kitchen. There's a smart oven, which lets you adjust the temperature and cook time from your phone. There's a smart refrigerator, which can tell you when your produce is about to go bad. There's a smart scale, which (hopefully) makes you a better baker. If you're wondering why you'd ever need a smart sink--and how it's different than a regular sink--we broke down exactly what the Kohler Sensate smart faucet is (and isn't) below.