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Touchless tech mimics the ability to 'press' an elevator button


In their COVID--19 information page, both the CDC and the WHO warn people against touching their faces with unwashed hands, since the virus can survive on surfaces. There's been a rise in the use of touchless technologies as a result, and Singaporean studio Stuck Design envisions a world wherein passengers won't even have to press elevator buttons with their fingers to get to where they need to go. The studio's Kinetic Touchless technology can mimic the movement of one's fingers and recreate the tactile response of pushing a button. It works by using motion as an input method so it doesn't need direct contact and can imitate the movement from a distance. The studio says the type of touchless interaction its technology offers can be applied to various gestures, as well.

Dr. Adriana Salerno on Twitter


All of us should be saying to hell with what management says. They say we should work for nothing. They say we should be homeless. They say they should be able to kill us with impunity. They say they should be able to pollute.

Waterspout sweeps into Italian port of Salerno

BBC News

Dramatic footage has emerged of a waterspout hitting the coast in the city of Salerno in south-west Italy.

Mastercard targets touchless economy


As merchants adapt to the Covid-19 world, Mastercard has unveiled AI-powered technology designed to enable touchless shopping.

(PDF) The emerging need for touchless interaction technologies


PDF | With the spread of Covid-19, the world of interaction technology research has completely changed. The pandemic has created a higher demand for... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate