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AI enables HR to accelerate the recruitment process


Imagine yourself as a recruiter, with a super-reliable agent – let us call him Man Friday (like the fable) – by your side. Friday is the assistant I need now! Before you get all excited, Friday is no human – Friday is Artificial Intelligence (AI), the manifestation of the future where AI makes our lives easier and better. But what if AI does not stay your assistant for too long, and instead becomes your replacement? Is this a possible scenario?

7 Ways AI Is Helping Revolutionize the Recruitment Industry


Artificial intelligence has set its sights on the recruitment industry. More and more companies are beginning to use AI-solutions to help speed up the process and make it less hit or miss. Here we highlight 7 areas of recruitment where AI might be used to lighten the load for recruiters and find better candidates for their organization and positions. Artificial intelligence is finding many applications in various industries, and recruitment is no different. AI can be employed to help the recruitment process for companies by employing machine-learning and problem-solving to help find the best candidate(s) for a position.

The impact of AI on recruitment - Digital HR Tech blog


Recruitment as a career is the epitome of the phrase "trying to find a needle in a haystack". Economic fluctuations, demand in a particular sector, an overabundance of graduates with a particular qualification – all of these things and more can lead to some jobs having hundreds – or even thousands – of applicants rushing for a single position when it crops up. With so many individuals competing for a dramatically smaller number of jobs, how do recruiters find ways to make their lives easier and their jobs more manageable? This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can play a role. In today's article, we'll take a look at the impact of AI on recruitment: its uses, pros, potential pitfalls and the future.

Going 'all in' on AI-powered recruitment is a risky business.


Few topics in the recruitment sector have proved to be more controversial than the use of artificial intelligence (AI). On one hand, everywhere you turn there are endless statistics about how AI is infiltrating business processes. According to LinkedIn, an overwhelming majority of recruiters and hiring managers agree that AI accelerates their ability to source and screen candidates. What's more, 70 per cent of recruiters believe their current process would be more effective if it were more data-driven and used AI. However, on the other side of the fence, research commissioned by the Royal Society of Arts suggests candidates don't agree, with 60 per cent of the public stating they're opposed to the use of automated decision-making in recruitment.

How AI can Influence the Recruitment Process?


The recruitment process is evolving with artificial intelligence, making the process easy and more efficient. The recruitment process today is like finding a needle in a haystack. Economic changes, demand in a particular sector, an overabundance of graduates with a specific qualification of all these things and more can lead to some jobs. Over hundreds or even thousands of applicants are rushing for a single position when it grows up. How do recruiters manage with so many people competing for a lower number of employment opportunities?