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14 of the Best AI Chatbot Platforms to Increase Your Conversions in 2019


Have you ever placed an order through the Starbucks app? If you have, you might have noticed that an AI-powered chatbot takes your order. You can speak to it or type in your message. These AI chatbot platform will help you when your order is expected to be ready and the total cost. Similarly, the Pizza Hut chatbot on Facebook messenger can help you order your pizza. It can tell you all about their ongoing deals too. Smart businesses are integrating conversational chatbots into their inbound marketing strategies.

How AI, Machine Learning And Other Disruptive Trends Are Defining The Future Of Customer Service


By 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be handled without a human agent. From enterprise apps that make it easier to track real-time insights and manage customer relationships, to emerging tools that allow clearer communication between teams and a streamlined exchange of data -- one of the most important decisions startup founders face today is selecting the right software. As a result, the average small business is accustomed to integrating a wide range of cloud-based apps to address a complex array of business needs. In 2016, small businesses spent over $55 billion on these cloud-based services, with the average professional using between 10-16 apps daily. By 2020, nearly 80% of small businesses are projected to use cloud-based services, increasing the current total by 37%.

Use Cases of AI for Customer Service - What's Working Now -


Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to both augment and replace human agents – with the primary goals of improving the customer experience and reducing human customer service costs. While the technology is not yet able to perform all the tasks a human customer service representative could, many consumer requests are very simple ask that sometimes be handled by current AI technologies without human input. In this article we'll shed light on the current trends and use-cases that business leaders should be considering today. We've broken this article on AI for customer service into the following four sections: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there were just over 2.7 million Americans employed as customer service representatives with a mean wage of $35,170. Any technology that could improve the efficiency of customer service representatives or make some of these positions redundant would potentially produce significant business savings.

Forget chatbots, KLM banks on a hybrid of humans and machines


Dutch airline KLM has partnered with DigitalGenius to help incorporate machine learning into its customer service, but humans are in no way getting replaced. Robots remain a common theme in the'who will take your job?' discussions accompanying much of the debate about the future of work. However, very few have looked at the complementary rather than the industrial, revolutionary side of things. Monotonous, mundane tasks have forever come under attack from technology, with machines now operating across most manufacturing lines – though that doesn't mean we should all fear change. Take customer care, for example: it's something that seems menial, but would struggle to fully work on automation.

10 Companies Using Artificial Intelligence To Create Smarter Sales Tech Products


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated many industries from finance to healthcare, and sales is no exception. Within sales tech, there are a number of startups using AI and machine learning capabilities to help facilitate and streamline the sales process, particularly in the area of voice call and speech analytics. We used the CB Insights platform to surface 10 notable, early- to mid-stage (Series C or earlier) sales tech startups developing software platforms that specifically incorporate AI and machine learning. We selected these companies based on several factors including the recency and size of the companies' disclosed funding, as well as Mosaic scores, CB Insights' algorithm that uses financial and non-financial signals to predict private company health. After evaluating the companies on the list, we determined that the 10 companies below are some of the top companies to pay attention to.