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Sony offers glimpse of its first Airpeak drone that can carry an Alpha camera

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From smartphones to TVs, Sony is known for its impressive range of electronic products. Now, the tech giant is turning its attention to drones, launching a new spin-off brand called Airpeak. Airpeak is said to be the industry's smallest class of drone that can be equipped with Sony's Alpha mirrorless camera system. Sony hopes its new drones will support the creativity of video creators, and is even seeking collaborators to participate in the Airpeak project. Airpeak is said to be the industry's smallest class of drone equipped with Sony's Alpha mirrorless camera system The Airpeak model shown off at CES features a quadcopter design, with two landing gear extensions that retract upwards during flight.

Sony's Airpeak S1 drone for Alpha cameras will cost $10,000 this September


Sony has officially launched the Airpeak S1 drone -- the same professional filmmaking drone it first revealed at a virtual CES presentation earlier this year. The company says it's the "world's smallest drone" that can use its full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens Alpha cameras to shoot high-definition footage. The Airpeak S1 can last for 22 minutes in the air without a payload and up to 12 minutes with a camera in tow. It has a max speed of 55.9mph, can stay stable in winds up to 44.7 mph and comes equipped with five image sensors. Those sensors capture the images Sony's Vision Sensing Processor and proprietary algorithms need to be able to estimate the aircraft's spatial position and orientation in real time.

Sony shows off its Airpeak filmmaking drone for the first time


Just two months after announcing the Airpeak in a vague press release and equally mysterious video, Sony has shown off its new drone in a virtual CES 2021 presentation. The Airpeak supports Sony's Alpha series of mirrorless cameras and uses AI to keep images steady as it flies through the sky. Sony's drone is designed for "adventurous creators," according to company president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. It has four rotors, two landing arms that lift with takeoff, and it all looks mighty sleek in action. The Airpeak will launch in the spring at an undisclosed price point.

Sony unveils Airpeak drone at CES

The Japan Times

Sony Corp. unveiled its Airpeak drone at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics and information technology show, which opened over the internet Monday. The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, which is scheduled to run through Thursday, aims to create connections and showcase the latest in robotics, smart devices, digital health and more. Some 1,800 exhibitors are participating in the show, forced to go online by the coronavirus pandemic. Airpeak marks Sony's entry into the drone business. It can wield Sony's Alpha mirrorless cameras and is expected to allow creators to shoot high-definition aerial videos.

Sony launches Airpeak drone business to support 'video creators'


Sony wants a bigger piece of the drone market. Today, the Japanese giant unveiled a project called Airpeak, which will "support the creativity of video creators to the fullest extent possible," according to a cryptic press release. That makes it sound like Sony wants to take on consumer-focused drone makers such as DJI, Parrot and Skydio. Which makes a lot of sense, given Sony's expertise in the compact and full-frame mirrorless camera markets. If you're a vlogger or independent filmmaker that already uses Sony gear, you might be tempted by a drone with similar technology.