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Upcoming Meetings in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning: July and Beyond


Here are upcoming meetings and conferences, for July 2016 and beyond. Save 10% with the KDNUGGETS registration code. Aug 29 - Sep 1, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning based on Optimization and PDE. Use code CDOINSUR to save 10% on registration. Sep 23, MLconf Atlanta Machine Learning Conference - mention "KDNuggets" and save 18%.

Edward Tufte Keynote Presenter at Data Science Summit, Sep 26-27


I'm excited to share that one of my data science heroes will be a presenter at the Microsoft Data Science Summit in Atlanta, September 26-27. Edward Tufte, the data visualization pioneer, will deliver a keynote address on the future of data analysis and the how to make more credible conclusions based on data. If you're not familiar with Tufte, a great place to start is to read his seminal book Visual Display of Quantitative Information. First published in 1983 -- well before the advent of mainstream data visualization software -- this is the book that introduced and/or popularized many familiar concepts in data visualization today, such a small multiples, sparklines, and the data-ink ratio. Check out this 2011 Washington Monthy profile for more background on Tufte's career and influence.



Use code WTBDBP16 to get 15% off the price of registration for 2 Day and Combo passes. Imaging, Vision and Learning based on Optimization and PDEs, August 29 – September 1, Bergen, Norway.

Spark Summit Preview, Tableau Comes To Android: Big Data Roundup - InformationWeek


The Spark Summit starts Monday in San Francisco. A revamped Microsoft Ventures Division is targeting investments in big data. Tableau brings its mobile app to Android. And we take a closer look at storytelling with data in our Big Data Roundup for the week ended June 5, 2016. Let's start with the upcoming Spark Summit, June 6-8 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Seeing Is Believing: How to be Credible, Clear, and Convincing with Visual Analytics


Seeing Is Believing: How to be credible, clear, and convincing with visual analytics. With all of the great work and growing interest in the field of data science, it has become very important for practitioners to be able to effectively communicate and present their findings. If you can't tell or present a compelling story, all too often the value of your work is lost. Extraordinary insight will always remain ordinary if a participating stakeholder (your audience) doesn't understand the data, the exploration, the outcome, and the opportunity. This webinar brings together industry leading panelists to educate and encourage data professionals to learn more about the art and science of data visualization and digital storytelling.