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Domino’s tracking YOU?

FOX News

Domino's is already the biggest pizza company in Australia. Now the chain is making a play right out of the Big Brother handbook. According to Bloomberg, on Monday the pizza chain will start using satellites to track customers who place to-go orders as they make their way to the store. Customers who use smartphones to order pick-up pizzas can choose whether or not they want to be followed by the tracking system, which works through the app to geo-locate users. Customers can also specify how they're coming to the restaurant--on foot, by bike, or car.

You can soon order Domino's pizza from your car's touchscreen


Domino's is continuing its quest to let you order pizza through every device imaginable. It's partnering with Xevo on an app that can order pies through your car's infotainment system, no tethered smartphone required. You can avoid distractions by placing an Easy Order or repeating your last order, and track your food's progress. There's also an option to make an order by phone in case you have a complex request or just prefer human contact. The technology is expected to come pre-loaded on "millions" of cars sometime later in 2019, although Domino's and Xevo didn't name specific brands or models.

Penn Badgley marries Domino Kirke at a Brooklyn courthouse

Los Angeles Times

Penn Badgley, seen in 2016, before he cut his hair, is now a married man. Penn Badgley, seen in 2016, before he cut his hair, is now a married man. Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke, sister of "Girls" actress Jemima Kirke, are married. The two said "I do" in a courthouse ceremony in Brooklyn on Monday afternoon, according to E! News, which first reported the nuptials. Friends and family posted pictures from the wedding on social media, showing Domino Kirke in white lace and Badgley in a dark blue suit.

Gain Shell Access To Your Domino Instances


Domino offers a managed, scalable compute environment that provides push-button convenience to data scientists, whether they're interested in exploring data in a Python notebook, or training a model using an R script. While Domino offers many opportunities for teams to customize and share environments, some problems are best solved with shell access. With Domino's latest release, users can do just that. Once an interactive session has been launched, you will be able to gain access to the running instance using SSH by following the instructions in the Run details. Once you have configured your SSH keys, you can copy this command right into your favorite terminal program, and you will immediately have access to the SSH session running your notebook.

Experience true wedded bliss with the new Domino's pizza registry


If you're a newly engaged human, we bet you don't want a lot of the gifts on the average wedding registry. Also, what even is a ramekin? Well, Domino's is here to save you from wedding gift ennui. Using its new Domino's Wedding Registry, you can now ask your guests for what you really want -- a shit ton of pizza. Stop everything--@dominos now has a pizza wedding registry!