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Yale and August join forces to make a new line of smart locks


Yale and August are no stranger to the smart lock; both companies have done various versions of it before, often with the assistance of third parties like Google's Assistant or Amazon's Alexa. Today, however, the two are actually coming together -- thanks to the purchase last year -- to come up with a new line of keypad smart locks that they say is one of the most secure on the market. What's especially intriguing is that it's compatible with three personal assistants -- Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant -- so you can choose whichever suits your fancy without having to commit to one. The two new models are the Assure Lock SL, which is a touchscreen keypad, and the Assure Lock Touchscreen that also has a regular key access. The look of the new locks look a lot like the Nest x Yale models, which makes sense since they're made by the same company.

How to unlock the Yale Assure Lock SL when the batteries die


Maria Diaz is a staff writer based in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area with a passion for home automation and a background in graphic design, photography, and filmmaking. She has a bachelor's in Mass Communication and experience in journalism. Most things around us light up, beep, talk, sing, have a touchscreen or do all of the above. Everything seems to be plugged in or has batteries, even something as simple as the deadbolt on your door. But the world turns and batteries die, so what do you do when your keyless smart lock runs out of batteries?

'All Is Well', Election Commission Assures Kenyans

U.S. News

NAIROBI (Reuters) - The head of Kenya's election commission assured Kenyans on Wednesday that "all is well", countering claims by opposition leader Raila Odinga of "massive" vote fraud due to an overnight hack of the commission's computer systems and databases.

Kwikset Obsidian touchscreen deadbolt review: Slim and sexy, but not entirely smart


Turns out Yale isn't the only company working on a streamlined touchscreen lock that, once installed, won't make your front door look like the entrance to a bank vault. With the attractive Obsidian deadbolt, Kwikset enters a fray that is rapidly filling with competitors.

Spotify assures investors that plans to go public remain on track

The Independent - Tech

Spotify moved quickly to assure investors that plans to go public are still on track for the music streaming service after co-founder and board member Martin Lorentzon told Swedish radio that reports of an impending New York Stock Exchange listing were false. Mr Lorentzon said the company did not "need any money" and that it is "not looking for more and any IPO isn't on the agenda". He said Spotify is still focusing on growth over profitability. "Martin is our co-founder and a board member, but not a spokesman for the company," Spotify said in an emailed statement Friday. A public listing "remains an option for us," the company said, adding it has not confirmed any "definitive" plans.