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Engadget is all about tech and how we live with it. But take a look at the site in 2019, and there are many facets to what we do: We've been publishing product reviews for most of the site's 15-year history. We've also expanded into original reporting and features. And we have a whole section where you can find a mix of user reviews and buying advice. Now we're combining those ideas to build out comprehensive guides.

Level up your photography with a pro Canon camera on sale


TL;DR: Upgrade your photos with a professional Canon camera on sale for up to $400 off at Best Buy as of June 9. Everyone has a new hobby these days. While baking and working out have certainly taken over people's homes, photography has also been on the rise. No matter what you choose to capture, one of the most alluring things about the hobby is that it could be done anywhere. You don't need a gym or kitchen to work on your skills.

Nikon Z6 review: The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video


When Nikon launched its two all-new full-frame mirrorless cameras, it was laying down a challenge to Sony. The landscape- and portrait-oriented 45.7-megapixel Z7 strongly resembles Sony's superb, 42.4-megapixel A7R III. Both Z-Mount cameras cost nearly the same as their Sony counterparts and pack similar features, like in-body stabilization and full-sensor 4K video. This is obviously not a coincidence as Nikon is trying to disrupt Sony's mirrorless dominance. Does it succeed with the Z6?

Mirrorless cameras: Photography's new decisive moment

BBC News

Nearly 200 years after the birth of photography, the art form is experiencing a technological revolution. Smartphones are using multiple cameras and software-based smarts to deliver images that seemingly transcend the limits of their small lenses and sensors. And while handsets have devastated sales of point-and-shoot cameras, the prospects for more advanced models are seemingly bright thanks to an innovation of their own. In recent weeks, the industry's biggest two manufacturers - Canon and Nikon - have both unveiled their first full-frame mirrorless cameras, having already seen Sony have great success with the format. Getting rid of the mirrors traditionally placed inside high-end cameras gets the lens closer to the sensor and paves the way to several innovations.

How to buy a high-end camera in 2018


If you're thinking of jumping to an enthusiast camera, you probably know the difference between a DSLR, a compact and a mirrorless camera. So let's look at some key features for cameras costing $1,000 and up. Notably, both the Nikon D750 and the Canon 6D Mark II full-frame cameras pack only 1080p with 60fps shooting. If you really think you don't need it and never will, only then should you consider such models. If you do, and want the best, only Panasonic's GH5 and GH5s give you more colors and a wider gamut with 10-bit, 4:2:2 4K video.