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NASA bets the farm on the long-term viability of space agriculture

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Bryan Onate, an engineer stationed at the Kennedy Space Center, is on the forefront of this technology. He helped lead the team that built Veggie, NASA's first plant growth system, and next month he's sending up Veggie's new and improved brother, the Advanced Plant Habitat. The habitat is the size of a mini-fridge. But instead of storing soda, it will carefully record every step in the growth of plants aboard the space station. This will allow researchers on the ground unprecedented insight into how plants are shaped by microgravity and other forces at work in outer space.

Atlas V rocket has successful launch to space station

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An unmanned cargo ship named in honor of the pioneering astronaut is on its way to the International Space Station after launching from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday atop a modern version of the Atlas rocket Glenn rode into orbit in 1962. United Launch Alliance's 19-story Atlas V thundered from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 41 at 11:11 a.m. Twenty-one minutes later, an Orbital ATK Cygnus craft packed with more than 7,600 pounds of food, supplies and experiments separated from the rocket's Centaur upper stage. Related:What to know about Tuesday's Atlas V rocket launch Rendezvous at the international research outpost orbiting 250 miles overhead is planned Saturday morning, after Thursday's scheduled launch and docking by an astronaut and cosmonaut who will join three Expedition 51 crew members. Research aboard the Cygnus include a mini-fridge-sized plant growth chamber and experiments studying DNA to better understand the aging process and a potential improvement in chemotherapy treatment of cancer.

The Morning After: Apple's Mac and Google's Pixel events, previewed


Apple's second fall product event kicks off later today at 1 PM ET. We've laid out what to expect, but it's not the only big tech event week. Spare a thought for some of our staff, who will go straight from Apple reportage into Google. Yep, Tuesday October 19th is Google's Pixel 6 event. While we know what the phone will look like -- and some of its specifications -- expect to see some software surprises.

Space salad? Plant experiment hitching a ride to space station

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A second plant growth system, named the Advanced Plant Habitat, will hitch a ride on an Atlas V rocket and travel to the International Space Station to increase our understanding of growing plants in space. Orbital ATK's Cygnus is seen at the International Space Station in Oct. 2016. The Advanced Plant Habitat will arrive at the ISS in a similar spacecraft. CAPE CANAVERAL -- A Kennedy Space Center-led effort to bolster our understanding of growing plants in space will hitch a ride on an Atlas V rocket to the International Space Station on Tuesday. Astronauts on deep-space missions could one day munch on fresh produce thanks in part to NASA's Advanced Plant Habitat, a mini fridge-sized experiment that will join 7,600 pounds of science, cargo and supplies bound for the orbiting outpost.

NASA launches mission to study border of Earth and space

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NASA has launched a new mission to study the edge of Earth's atmosphere, to obtain an unprecedented look at the effects of space weather.