Houthi criticises Saudis, UAE in anniversary speech

Al Jazeera

The leader of Yemen's Houthi group has marked with a defiant speech the eve of the third anniversary of the day his fighters stormed into the capital Sanaa. Appearing on the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV on Wednesday, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi criticised the Saudi-led coalition opposing his fighters, who control large expanses of territory and took Sanaa on what they consider the "September 21 revolution". Houthi accused the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE of seeking to divide Yemen by working with local groups and the internationally recognised government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to seize control of territory controlled by his fighters. "The Emiratis are the front for the Americans," Houthi said.

Timeline: War, famine and failed talks in Yemen

Al Jazeera

Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ousted Yemeni leader, has been killed by Houthi rebels near the country's capital Sanaa, according to officials from his own political party.

Yemen's Houthi: Ali Abdulla Saleh killed for 'treason'

Al Jazeera

The leader of Yemen's Houthi rebels has praised the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country's overthrown president, as a victory against a Saudi-led military coalition that Yemen has been battling.

Yemen: Cholera death rates soar in rebel-held areas

Al Jazeera

The vast majority of Yemen's cholera deaths have occurred in areas controlled by Houthi rebels, largely the result of a blockade and air strikes by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition they are fighting, an Al Jazeera investigation reveals. An analysis of World Health Organization data shows that 1,794 of Yemen's 2,003 cholera deaths - 90 percent - have occurred in the northern and western governorates that are wholly or largely under the control of Houthi militiamen. Houthi terrain has seen 84 percent of cholera infections - 456,962 out of 542,278 cases. Those infected have more chance of dying in rebel-held areas: 1.1 percent perish in Houthi-held Raymah, compared to 0.2 percent in government-held zones. Rebel areas, together with parts of southern Yemen, also experience higher rates of hunger and have seen more hospitals and clinics bombed or shuttered since full-scale fighting erupted in March 2015.

Ali Abdullah Saleh's Son, Ahmed, Vows Revenge For Father's Death

International Business Times

After his father's was killed by armed Houthi rebels in Sanaa, Yemen, on Monday, former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh's son has called for revenge against the Iran-aligned group, Saudi-owned al-Ekbariya TV reported Tuesday.