'Patients at risk' from length of GP consultations

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The safety of patients is being put at risk because GPs are being forced to carry out complex consultations in 10 minutes or less, the BMA has claimed. The doctors' body warned that patient care was being undermined when GPs are forced to see up to 60 patients a day. The British Medical Association called for more funding to allow GPs to spend at least 45 minutes with each patient. NHS England said consultation lengths were up to doctors and there were no national limits suggesting 10 minutes. However, the NHS Choices website does state that "GPs spend an average of 8-10 minutes with each patient" and advises patients to "plan ahead to make sure you cover everything you want to discuss".

UK government is considering a drone pilot test


The UK government is considering a "knowledge or situational awareness test" for all British drone owners, similar to a driving theory examination. The proposed quiz could be voluntary, according to the Department for Transport, or mandatory as part of a new drone registration system. It was referenced in a new consultation drawn up to keep casual pilots in check, while encouraging drone research by the private sector. "The safety of other airspace users and the general public is dependent on leisure drone users adhering to the rules and understanding the risks," ministers argue. Among the new proposals is an online registration scheme that pilots would need to complete for quadcopters weighing 250 grams or more.

UK police get new powers to seize and search naughty drones


Remember the enormous, pre-Christmas chaos those drone sightings caused at London's Gatwick Airport last month? The ones that put the whole airport on lockdown, delayed roughly 1,000 flights and prompted a lengthy police investigation? SEE ALSO: Still at large: Drones responsible for shutting down one of the UK's busiest airports Well, it looks like people have had enough of it. In a tweet on Tuesday morning, the UK government's Department for Transport announced the introduction of new powers for police to seize and search suspicious drones, as well as new airport exclusion zones and safety measures. Over 5,000 people had their say in our #drones consultation, as a result we're introducing new police powers and safety rules to tackle the misuse of #drones and improve safety: https://t.co/s77EJ5qEwM

Judge Dismisses Challenge to Tribal Education Services

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The Argus Leader says Judge Karen Schreier has ruled that the department's consultation with the tribes was enough to meet federal law requirements. Twelve Bureau of Indian Education regional and individual consultation sessions were held in 2015 with tribes, including eight in South Dakota, which included individual consultations with Cheyenne River and Rosebud tribes.

Consultation on the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data is revolutionising both our professional and personal lives. The government has announced their intention to create a Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation which will develop actions and recommendations to ensure data and AI is used both ethically and effectively. To read more about the purpose of the new Centre and to get the link to the full consultation document please login to the Members Area.