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An ecosystem to overhaul China's health care

MIT Technology Review

Like many countries, China has a health care problem. Changing demographics and lifestyles mean demand for health care is outstripping growth in medical resources and its cost is rising faster than the insurance premium. With 250 million people over the age of 60, the world's most populous country is ageing. Diseases associated with more affluent societies, such as cardiovascular conditions and diabetes, are on the rise. China has 400 million chronic disease patients whose treatment costs 70% of total health care resources.

Dave Ryan, General Manager, Health & Life Sciences Business at Intel – Interview Series


Dave Ryan leads the Global Health & Life Sciences business unit at Intel that focuses on digital transformation from edge-to-cloud in order to make precision, value-based care a reality. His customers are the manufacturers who build life sciences instruments, medical equipment, clinical systems, compute appliances and devices used by research centers, hospitals, clinics, residential care settings and the home. Dave has served on the boards of Consumer Technology Association Health & Fitness Division, HIMSS' Personal Connected Health Alliance, the Global Coalition on Aging and the Alliance for Connected Care. What is Intel's Health & Life Sciences Business? Intel's Health & Life Sciences business helps customers create solutions in the areas of medical imaging, clinical systems, and lab and life sciences, enabling distributed, intelligent, and personalized care.

Top 10 Emotional Artificial Intelligence Startups that Have Created a Global Disruption Analytics Insight


If you have been tempted to solve the numerous IQ tests that have plagued the social platforms, then you are not alone. Of late, emotional intelligence has been quantified for centuries through psychological tests and examinations that test your intelligence, personality, vocational interests, attitude, achievement, aptitude, and observational powers. It was never so easy to capture emotional intelligence as it is now. Human behaviour can be predicted by understanding and calculating one's emotions. AI startups have developed the technology where facial emotions and micro-expressions that lasted for seconds are studied and examined to establish patterns, then evaluated to find out what provokes these emotions, to conclusively determine underlying behaviour traits.

XMED Chain ICO Evaluation - CryptoPotato


The following is an objective review of XMED Chain ICO. The review is based on certain criteria, which we think are important for an ICO project to succeed. The following is not a financial advice. The demand for high quality healthcare is growing worldwide due to an aging population, middle class income growth, medical insurance services, increasing medical expenditures, and income growth in developing countries. XMED Chain (XMC) is the first user-generated application system that intends to utilize blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytical power in the healthcare field. The system aims to collect, store, manage, and share global personal medical data under a secured system, thanks to the advantages of the blockchain and to utilize AI and big data to analyze it for tailored advice to global medical services. The development of the system is in three main milestones.