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For those who are looking for something a little less costly, Udacity also offers a number of free machine learning courses ranging from 10 weeks to four months. Lynda from LinkedIn is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn a wide range of skills, including machine learning. To help grasp the basics of technology and data mining, Alison is a Galway-based e-learning platform offering a number of free online courses on software development, data science and machine learning. Udemy offers thousands of online courses with which to upskill, including a number of machine learning courses.

Udacity Machine Learning Course


Check out the course here: The course was designed as part of a program to help people become Data Analysts. Full details of the program are here:

Thoughts On How Online Data Science Courses Stack Up To A Master's Degree


University degrees are really, really expensive and there are plenty of new startups in Silicon Valley offering job readiness training for much cheaper. So, how does a $100,000 graduate degree in statistics stack up to an online course for 1/100th the price? The short answer is that I think for many jobs, an online certificate in data science from a quality online education provider is comparable to a more traditional graduate statistics degree. For the past year or so, I've been sampling various online degree providers, including Udacity, Coursera, DataCamp, and EdX to see how they compare to my (much pricier) Master's in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. I still have a lot of courses to take and will be doing more reviews in the future, but I think I now have enough experience to draw a few conclusions.

Udacity Machine Learning vs. Simplilearn Machine Learning - for your ML Career


You will receive 58 hours of applied instructor-led training. To earn the certification, you should attend a full batch of online training and submit a completed project for the flexi-pass learners or complete at least 85% of the course and submit one completed project for the self-paced learners. The machine learning certification course by Simplilearn is designed for learners with intermediate-level machine learning knowledge and skills in various roles, including business analysis, data analysis, information architecture, data science, machine learning, and others. To take this course, you need a college-level understanding of statistics and mathematics as well as Python programming knowledge. Simplilearn offers a blended learning approach that gives learners access to both live instructor-led training and recorded-videos.

Google Launches Free Course on Deep Learning: The Science of Teaching Computers How to Teach Themselves


Last Friday, we mentioned how Google's artificial intelligence software DeepMind has the ability to teach itself many things. It can teach itself how to walk, jump and run. Or defeat the world's best player of the Chinese strategy game, Go. The science of teaching computers how to do things is called Deep Learning. Offered through Udacity, the course is taught by Vincent Vanhoucke, the technical lead in Google's Brain team.