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The Morning After: Sonos built a smarter soundbar


We've got several new devices to tell you about this morning, including a new Sonos speaker that will work with AirPlay, Sony's latest rather-capable compact camera and a new drone, all bidding for your next paycheck or two. Elon Musk joked that the Model Y might not have a steering wheel at all.Tesla teases the Model Y yet again If you like your Tesla teasers in the form of vague sketches then do we have a Thursday morning for you! The company revealed another outline of the Model Y crossover SUV during its most recent shareholders meeting. Based on the photo, it doesn't reveal much, but Tesla chief Elon Musk shared a few details about the crossover. He said Model Y won't have any leather and even joked that it might not have a steering wheel at all.

A closer look at Sony's RX100 VI


As far as compact cameras go, there's no question that Sony's RX100 series has been the one to beat since its debut in 2012. With the RX100 VI, announced oday, Sony is making its flagship point-and-shoot even better by packing a 24-200 mm 8.3X zoom lens inside a tiny body. That's a much longer zoom than the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 24-70mm on the previous model, the Mark V. Powering that is a 20.1-megapixel, 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor and the same Bionz X processor as the full-frame A9, which makes it possible to do things like continuous shooting at up to 24fps and an autofocus speed of 0.03 seconds. The RX100 VI is even more impressive when you consider that it is the same size as the Mark V, despite that ridiculous Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 lens. It looks great on paper, but we'll see how it actually performs when we take it for a spin later today -- stay tuned, because we'll have sample images for you soon.

24 hours with Sony's A9 full-frame mirrorless camera


Sony has one clear goal with its A9 full-frame flagship camera: to make professional photographers forget about their DSLRs. These are high expectations, sure, but the company's new mirrorless shooter seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of specs. The A9 focuses on speed, not so much resolution, which makes sense, considering that Sony's going after people who do sports photography in particular. You'll find a 24.2-megapixel 35mm sensor, 20fps continuous shooting, 1/32,000 shutter speed and a ridiculous 693-point phase detection autofocus that covers 93 percent of your frame. None of this would work without the latest Bionz X processor, though, which Sony claims handles data 20 times faster than previous models.

Best compact camera 2019: 10 top compact cameras to suit all abilities


From simple snappers for beginners to high-end powerhouses, here are the best compact and point-and-shoot cameras you can buy right now. Compact cameras and the compact camera market have changed considerably over the last few years. Smartphones, with their ever-improving cameras, have decimated budget models and as a result camera manufacturers have concentrated on putting more advanced features into compact cameras to make them more attractive than ever before. Here's our pick of the 5 best compact cameras - click on the links below to go through to the full review for each Compared to compact cameras of old, manufacturers are now tending to design models based around physically larger sensors than used to be the norm. The result of this change is that you're now going to get significantly better image quality than even the best smartphone.

One of the best pocket cameras just got better

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The RX100 VI also utilizes Sony's high-density Tracking AF to improve tracking and accuracy. It can shoot 24fps with continuous AF/AE tracking, has a buffer limit of 233 images, a new LCD touch shutter and focusing screen, has the ability to shoot 4K video and, for the first time, 4K HDR video. It's a whole lot of camera squeezed into a compact body, and despite all of these new features the RX100 VI remains roughly the same size as its predecessor.