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Samsung's smart contact lenses could pack a camera and wireless charging


You may have felt creeped out by other people looking at you through Google Glass, but what if you never knew someone was looking at you through the device? Samsung is interested in creating such a device in the form of a smart contact lens with an embedded camera and display. Samsung details the technology in a Korean patent application, first picked up by SamMobile. Samsung of course is investing big time in IoT and the smart lens, though just on paper for now, would add to the plethora of things it's making to interface with smartphones, including watches, belts, VR companion devices, TVs and white goods. Samsung thinks that in the context of augmented reality, the smart lens can overcome the narrow viewing angle of Google Glass and due to its proximity to the retina, would negate the need for eye-tracking.

Hands-on with Intel's Project Alloy untethered VR headset


Intel offered me a chance to try out its new Project Alloy mixed-reality headset prototype on Thursday. For about five minutes, I tried shooting some digital flying robots from the comfort of a replica living room inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Project Alloy, which was first announced at Intel's developer conference last year, is an untethered headset that blends virtual-reality content with information about the physical world around its wearer. It's designed to give people more freedom of movement when playing games, and also save people from having to buy an expensive gaming rig to play VR games. Based on my brief experience playing the same game that Intel showed on stage Wednesday, the prototype shows a lot of potential.

Getty Images to use VR cameras for Rio Olympics


Getty Images will equip its photographers with 360 cameras for the Rio Olympic Games as part of its efforts to create and distribute virtual reality (VR) content globally. The agency has a full team of about 120 people on the ground in Rio, including photographers, technicians, editors and staff who will be working at the event. All photographers will each be equipped with VR equipment. According to Getty, high-end 360 technology will be used with photographers' DSLR cameras, in addition to Ricoh and Samsung 360 cameras. With the equipment, Getty will be able to produce imagery at the Games from a unique perspective, including the ability to, for example, rotate 360 degrees in any direction from one position for a fully submersed photo. - Enter the 'care' economy - May 31, 2005

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What we will be left with are those jobs that rely on human contact. We call it the care economy because they are the sorts of jobs that need human contact -- primarily caring-type jobs.

The Lenovo Phab2 Pro, Google's First Project Tango Phone, To Go On Sale Next Month For 499

International Business Times

Google has announced that its first Project Tango phone, the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, will finally be available to purchase in November. The smartphone will sell for 499 unlocked in the United States the same month when the Pixel and Pixel XL are expected to start shipping. Project Tango has been under development since 2014 under Google's Advanced Technology and Projects division. The software is a form of augmented reality technology that will allow mobile devices, a smartphone for instance, to be spatially aware. Simply put, Project Tango applications will be able to map out a room's dimensions using a device's set of cameras and sensors.