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All the best Cyber Monday deals on headphones


These are the best Cyber Monday deals on headphones as of Nov. 29: BEST AIRPODS DEAL: Apple AirPods with wired charging case -- save $49.01 Headphones are life savers these days. A pair with good noise cancelling capabilities can mean the difference between a good work day and a distracted one, and a pair with high-quality sound will make sure all your Zoom calls come through loud and clear. If you missed the Black Friday deals, don't worry -- there are plenty of headphones on sale for Cyber Monday, too. If you're looking for AirPods Pro, they're currently out of stock at Amazon and Walmart, but could be restocked for Cyber Monday. These classic Bose headphones have some serious noise cancellation, with three different levels to choose from.

Run like the wind with these wireless headphones


How many times have you pulled headphones from your pockets, only to find them tied up in endless amounts of loops? Or the cables from your headphones caught on something while you're out going for a run, harshly ripping the earbuds from your ears? The biggest benefit of wireless headphones is the ability to be cord- and hands-free, meaning increased mobility while you're doing almost anything. No cables also means zero stress because you're not unwinding the knots they magically make in your pocket too. Click here to sign up to a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and save on the below devices.

These Bose wireless headphones are the cheapest they've been all year

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If you've had your eye on a pair of wireless cans, you've no doubt thought about splurging and picking up a pair of Bose headphones. Despite an influx of competition, Bose has managed to stay the course and still makes some of the most popular models on the market. They tend to be very pricey. Well you can save more money than ever now on the Bose SoundLink II Wireless Headphones, which have dropped from their original price of $279.95 to just $229.95 on This is the cheapest they've been all year and one of the lowest prices we've seen on them.

Pick up this pair of stylish wireless headphones while they're on sale for just $49


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Score a pair of wireless Sony headphones for under $100


TL;DR: As of July 13, you can save up to $72 on wireless Sony headphones and earbuds at Best Buy. Headphone wires are basically out of the picture. Believe it or not, AirPods are not the only wireless option. Other top brands, like Sony, are still coming in strong with innovative and effective designs for every kind of listener. Whether you need silence on that noisy plane ride or hands-free calling while going for a run, there's a pair for you.