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The Shifting Balance: Expertise, Automation and the Future of Cybersecurity


Rapidly evolving threats and infiltration techniques have rendered traditional cyber defense strategies insufficient and ineffective. The emerging threat vectors and speed of change amplified by the digital transformation cannot be addressed by traditional means. Globally, laws are also changing to keep pace as cybercrime evolves, knowing no boundaries. Therefore, organizations must be nimble and agile to keep pace with policy changes, especially when expanding across different jurisdictions Join us as we discuss three strategic imperatives to strengthen cyber resilience: • Understand (know your threats) – Identify organization- and industry-specific cyber threats and regulations calls for robust strategies that include cross-disciplinary considerations. This will determine the amount of investment necessary to mitigate and transfer any residual risk.

Artificial Intelligence: friend or foe?


This is a question that comes up less frequently than others, and one that has an answer that is wholly dependent on whether or not we'd like to take an optimistic or pessimistic view. In another way to phrase it -- A.I. can used to achieve a civilisation where humankind can, for the most part, finally unshackle themselves from the toils of labor. Conversely, it can also be regarded -- and is often regarded in this way -- as an enormous threat to employment, set to disrupt almost every industry and cause massive scale job loss. Assuming an optimistic perspective, it's certainly an exciting proposition, one that would have to be supplemented with some measure of a universal basic income for everyone or some completely innovative way by which resources can be accumulated by members of society. While it seems wholly unfeasible to live in a world where humans need no longer work (again, for the most part) and can be set free to pursue their individual endeavors, it is nonetheless a tantalizing prospect.

AI and Automation – A Combo to Manage Cyber Security Threats


Artificial Intelligence and Automation are being used in multiple industries to make the lives of people better and to make things more efficient for organizations. AI is being used to diagnose medical conditions or offer legal advice. Automation is being used in factories to reduce reliance on manual labor and to improve the quality of products. As AI and Automation are becoming more universally applicable concepts and can be implemented irrespective of the industry. These innovative technologies depend on an organization's critical data that today is threatened by various factors. These factors will attempt to breach the data for financial, competitive or political gain. AI and Automation combination can be leveraged to counter these threats and provide insight into obfuscated malicious activity on systems and networks.

Marketers should see AI as an opportunity not a threat


Machines are coming for your jobs. While this may conjure up Terminator-esque scenes of red eyed, human shaped, robots pushing you out of your office chair the reality is far scarier. I say machines are coming for your jobs because the disruption to the way marketing professionals work is coming from machine learning rather than physical robots. The threat is invisible to some extent – it's in the ability to process information and complete tasks in a more efficient way than a human being can. But it doesn't have to be scary if you break down what machine learning aims to achieve and the role we have in shaping the capability of artificial intelligence.

AI taking your jobs is good news: Terem Technologies' Scott Middleton


"AI is not far off, it's just the next layer of automation," he said. He gave example of how photography jobs have changed since the early 1990s. He said the number of photographic developers and printers declined but the number of photographers has increased, which shows how automation and innovation allow people to focus on creative work. She said inventions such as AI lawyer "Ross" and chatbot which contested 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York - presents threats for humans.