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Traditional Face Detection With Python – Real Python


Computer vision is an exciting and growing field. There are tons of interesting problems to solve! One of them is face detection: the ability of a computer to recognize that a photograph contains a human face, and tell you where it is located. In this article, you'll learn about face detection with Python. To detect any object in an image, it is necessary to understand how images are represented inside a computer, and how that objects differs visually from any other object. Once that is done, the process of scanning an image and looking for those visual cues needs to be automated and optimized. All these steps come together to form a fast and reliable computer vision algorithm.

Face detection as done in 2001: Viola Jones Algorithm


Face detection is an age old process and is widely used in popular applications like Face ID by Apple, FaceApp, in surveillance cameras in China and many other applications. Today, we have sophisticated machine learning techniques which can perform face detection with near human precision and near real-time performace. What is interesting is that even in 2001, we had algorithms in use for Face detection. Yes, we are going back 2 decades. A time machine learning still was yet to blow up and Face detection's future was uncertain.

Face Detection using OpenCV and Python.


These words send a shiver down my spine. But then again, they are the only comfort I get when I use Snapchat these days. "Why is Snapchat scaring this moron?" I don't know about you, BUT I SURE AS HELL don't enjoy sharing my bed with Casper or any other creepy ghosts that this otherworld-R.S.V.P-app has brought to my life. You see, every once in a while I'm doing my dog filter faces like a normal human being in 2017; but then… my cat stops moving and stares at the end of the room… the camera refocuses… and then: it finds an invisible Dalmatian filter standing by my side. I've moved twice already… but NO LONGER!

Gender classifier with Tensorflow and OpenCV


Now that we can easily download images, we write a new method which downloads and renames the images for us. After we have downloaded the images, we filter out all images with the wrong file extention or too low quality (size too small).

Face Detection For Beginners – Towards Data Science


In the past few years, face recognition owned significant consideration and appreciated as one of the most promising applications in the field of image analysis. Face detection can consider a substantial part of face recognition operations. According to its strength to focus computational resources on the section of an image holding a face. The method of face detection in pictures is complicated because of variability present across human faces such as pose, expression, position and orientation, skin colour, the presence of glasses or facial hair, differences in camera gain, lighting conditions, and image resolution. Object detection is one of the computer technologies, which connected to the image processing and computer vision and it interacts with detecting instances of an object such as human faces, building, tree, car, etc.