3 Judges Nominated for Colorado Supreme Court Vacancy

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The Supreme Court Nominating Commission announced Wednesday that the nominees are: Maria Berkenkotter, the former chief judge of the 20th Judicial District in Boulder County; Karen Brody, a judge in the 2nd Judicial District in Denver County; and Carlos Samour, a judge in the 18th Judicial District in Arapahoe County.

Why It's Hard to Protect Domestic-Violence Survivors Online

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In 1994, the National Center for State Courts conducted a study of 285 women in three cities--Denver, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; and Wilmington, Delaware--who had obtained temporary or permanent orders of protection against their abusive male partners. More than half said that, in advance of the restraining order, they had been beaten or choked; a sizable majority reported being slapped, grabbed, shoved, or kicked; and 99 percent reported being intimidated through threats, stalking, or harassment. When they were interviewed one month after the instatement of the order, nearly three-quarters of the study participants said they felt better, felt safer, and had experienced an improvement in quality of life. Six months later, 85 percent of the women who were reached for a follow-up interview said their lives had improved, and 93 percent reported feeling better. Less than 10 percent said their abuser had physically stalked, re-abused, or showed up at their home.

Fellows Lead Effort to Apply Machine Learning to Climate Change


Two Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship recipients are leading an effort to address global climate change effects with machine-learning techniques. Priya Donti, a third-year fellow in computer science and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, and Kelly Kochanski, a fourth-year fellow in Earth surface processes at the University of Colorado Boulder, are on the steering committee (Donti is co-chair) for Climate Change AI. The group's website says it is a coalition of "volunteers from academia and industry who believe in using machine learning, where it is relevant, to help tackle the climate crisis." Machine learning algorithms identify patterns in known data and use that information to make predictions or to classify previously unseen data. Machine learning is a key component of artificial intelligence (AI).

Arrest Made in Colorado Theft of Dukes of Hazzard Sno-Cat

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Jason Cuervo was arrested on an Eagle County warrant charging him with aggravated motor vehicle theft. He faces several other charges. Cuervo remained jailed in Boulder County Wednesday with his bail set at $15,000. His next court appearance is set for May 3.

How artificial intelligence can tackle climate change


AI can also unlock new insights from the massive amounts of complex climate simulations generated by the field of climate modeling, which has come a long way since the first system was created at Princeton in the 1960s. Of the dozens of models that have since come into existence, all represent atmosphere, oceans, land, cryosphere, or ice. But, even with agreement on basic scientific assumptions, Claire Monteleoni, a computer science professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder and a co-founder of climate informatics, points out that while the models generally agree in the short term, differences emerge when it comes to long-term forecasts.