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Improving content marketing processes with the approaches by artificial intelligence - Semantic Scholar


Content marketing is today's one of the most remarkable approaches in the context of marketing processes of companies. Value of this kind of marketing has improved in time, thanks to the latest developments regarding to computer and communication technologies. Nowadays, especially social media based platforms have a great importance on enabling companies to design multimedia oriented, interactive content. But on the other hand, there is still something more to do for improved content marketing approaches. In this context, objective of this study is to focus on intelligent content marketing, which can be done by using artificial intelligence.

The Era of the Revolution in Digital Marketing - Its Trends in 2019


It's prevalent that new methods and technologies will take over the old methods. The above infographics highlight the importance and revolution in digital marketing, that will soon take over the marketing campaigns. It focuses on becoming not just customer centric but also your capacity and needs. Digital improvements are expecting control over every one of the circles of our lives, be it the improvement of brilliant smart cities, smart homes, robotized workspaces or headways like PDAs and digital personal assistants. In the present aggressive digital marketing edge, you need to stay in front of the challenge and for that, remaining mindful of examples in digital marketing is something you can't stand to ignore.

Intelligence-Driven Marketing: The Future of Marketing KDM


Intelligence-Driven Marketing: A shift from Data-Driven Marketing Intelligence-driven marketing is the latest buzzword to be thrown around in the world of digital marketing. But where did the term "Intelligence-driven marketing" come from? And more importantly what does it mean for businesses? With the recent updates in technology, today's companies must do more than just collect and use data in their marketing activities. They need to get clever with their marketing and focus on intelligence-driven marketing.

Origins of the Marketing Intelligence Engine


The velocity of change in the marketing industry is accelerating, but what we see today is elementary when we consider the potential of what comes next. This session provides a glimpse into the future of marketing, and the opportunities that exist for those who can harness the power of artificial intelligence and cognitive technology like IBM's Watson. They will be able to do more with less, run personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity, and analyze massive data sets to predict outcomes. The opportunities are endless for those with the will and vision to transform the industry. Attendees will: - Learn what the disruption of other industries can teach us about the inevitable impact artificial intelligence will have on the marketing industry.

2 Reasons to Embrace Marketing AI


Artificial intelligence is slowly but surely gaining a foothold in every department in every industry. Technological advances show no signs of slowing and artificial intelligence will only become more crucial as time marches forward. Marketing is no exception when it comes to the proliferation of AI. As marketing tactics and techniques become more sophisticated, artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in honing and improving those efforts. Buyers nowadays wants completely personalized experiences.