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Facial recognition in Digital Age


Do you remember Hollywood movies Terminator: Rise of Machines or Ex Machina where facial recognition technologies are used in several ways?

Use Cases


PIX connects computers and devices with the physical world around them through the enablement of computer vision. The platform connects developers with a scalable, decentralized image database for use in disparate systems and platforms. PIX customers gain knowledge, service, and information to enable the developement of decentralized augmented reality apps. Recognize and react to playing cards, chips, game pieces, etc.

Google voice recognition could transcribe doctor visits


Doctors work long hours, and a disturbingly large part of that is documenting patient visits -- one study indicates that they spend 6 hours of an 11-hour day making sure their records are up to snuff. But how do you streamline that work without hiring an army of note takers? Google Brain and Stanford think voice recognition is the answer. They recently partnered on a study that used automatic speech recognition (similar to what you'd find in Google Assistant or Google Translate) to transcribe both doctors and patients during a session.

The Ultimate Guide to Face Recognition


With the revolution of machine learning, a new trend has come to town and it is called face recognition. When Apple announced its FaceID feature, everyone started talking and thinking about implementing face recognition everywhere – business, mobile apps, medicine, retail, and whatnot.