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US Pacific Fleet expands use of 3rd Fleet commanders

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The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander says he plans to expand the role of the U.S. 3rd Fleet commander and her staff. The Pacific Fleet consists of the 3rd Fleet headquartered in San Diego and the 7th Fleet headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan. For decades, the 7th Fleet has taken command of 3rd Fleet ships when they crossed the international dateline. But Adm. Scott Swift said Tuesday he plans to have 3rd Fleet commander Vice Adm. Nora Tyson and her staff maintain operational control of some of these ships when they travel west. For example, he says the 3rd Fleet could lead the Navy's response to a tsunami while the 7th Fleet focuses on Japanese earthquake relief.

Connected Fleets USA 2018 TTN is Media Partner


Connected Fleets USA Conference & Exhibition (27-28 November 2018, Novi MI) is the annual meeting place for those operating in the smart & connected fleet space. As new connected technologies continue to further integrate into fleets, make sure you get to where the action is. We unite the key players from across the smart and connected fleet space. Connected Fleets USA is where technological and regulatory issues are addressed and resolved, while partnerships are built, and new business created.

Fleet Complete Vision™ Brings Intelligent Video Analytics To Advance Fleet Safety


Fleet Complete, the fastest-growing global IoT solutions provider in the connected commercial vehicle space, has launched Fleet Complete Vision – a powerful mobile video solution designed to improve operational safety and accident management for fleet owners in any industry. This advanced visual analytics solution is scalable to the customer's immediate needs regarding the level of video safety required and is fully integrated with the Fleet Complete platform for holistic fleet insights. Fleet Complete Vision was conceived and designed to provide optimal driver, freight, and vehicle safety support. This innovative technology not only delivers driver assistance, enabling vehicle security and regulatory compliance, but also contextual video data that can help significantly reduce insurance and liability costs. The introduction of Fleet Complete Vision is consistent with Fleet Complete's end-user product map.

Israel to expand fleet of next-generation F-35 fighter jets

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He said its ability to "integrate" various-cutting edge systems would preserve Israel's ability to act freely in hostile airspace. He cited its long range capability, its ability to provide pilots with critical data in real time and a stealth system that can evade or delay detection by the world's most sophisticated radar systems.

Japan Considers Whether to Participate in South Korea Fleet Review

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"It's under consideration by the defense ministry," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a regular news conference, following a report by public broadcaster NHK that Japan had decided to skip the event over the protests about the flag.