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Australian government details Govpass digital ID


The federal government has detailed what its digital identification solution will look like, outlining how citizens can apply for an optional Govpass in a video posted on YouTube. The Govpass platform is currently in testing phase, with a beta version "soon" available for opt-in. To register for a Govpass, citizens will need to enter a handful of personal details, starting with their email address. Once an address is entered, the user will receive a code via email, with the second step requiring that code to be entered into the account creation screen. Then, the user must enter their mobile number, which will be sent a text with another code to enter at the next stage.

Government reveals draft digital identity framework


The Australian government has unveiled the public draft of its Trusted Digital Identity Framework for how citizens' digital identity information must be managed, which it said would sit alongside its Govpass digital platform.

Australia's digital identity platform moves into final beta


The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has revealed its digital identification platform is moving into beta phase, with CEO Gavin Slater telling Senate Estimates on Tuesday morning the next stage will allow individuals to create an online form of ID.

Australian government takes Govpass hosting internal


The federal government has decided to take the hosting element of its digital identification play, Govpass, in-house, ending the contract with cloud services provider Vault Systems as a result. A spokesperson for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), the government entity charged with Govpass, told ZDNet that Vault Systems, operating as the wholesale provider for Gulanga, was engaged for a period of 12 months and that the contract has since lapsed. Vault was charged from January 2017 with providing a hosting environment for the digital identity system prototypes. The company, which is accredited by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) at a protected level, allowing it to store highly classified government information on its cloud platform, only went public with its Govpass hosting contract in December. "Privacy and protection of personal information is at the heart of the DTA's work on digital identity.

DTA considering international 'brokerage' of digital identities


The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) last year unveiled its plan to provide everyone in Australia with a digital identity known as Govpass.