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Stanford: With the rise of user-web interaction and networking, as well as technological advances in processing power and storage capability, the demand for effective and sophisticated knowledge discovery techniques has grown exponentially. Businesses need to transform large quantities of information into intelligence that can be used to make smart business decisions. With the Mining Massive Data Sets graduate certificate, you will master efficient, powerful techniques and algorithms for extracting information from large datasets such as the web, social-network graphs, and large document repositories. Take your career to the next level with skills that will give your company the power to gain a competitive advantage. The Data Mining and Applications graduate certificate introduces many of the important new ideas in data mining and machine learning, explains them in a statistical framework, and describes some of their applications to business, science, and technology.

Some Stanford graduates protest during Sunday's commencement ceremony

Los Angeles Times

A handful of graduating Stanford seniors waved signs at Sunday's commencement ceremony showing support for victims of sexual assault and urging the university to do more to protect potential victims. "The goal is to amplify the voices of survivors on campus," said Stanford graduating senior Brianne Huntsman, an organizer of the protest. "There is this idea that there is just, quote-unquote, one Stanford rapist, that Brock Turner is the Stanford rapist. And from our work on campus, we really know that this is not the case." Some called on the university to routinely make public the names of students whom campus officials find to be responsible for sexual assault and sexual misconduct through the student disciplinary process.

Computer Science Graduate Karim Fikani Builds AR Solutions for the Workplace - News & Events - DigiPen Institute of Technology


But wearable AR is booming, just not where you might expect it. "Manufacturing, logistics, assembly, maintenance and repair work, field engineering, oil and gas, and so on," says DigiPen graduate and former professor Karim Fikani. "All these cool use cases just make me believe more and more in AR for enterprise. AR is not really consumer ready, but it is ready for enterprise. When you're in a warehouse, you don't need your AR glasses to be fashionable -- if this thing is going to help you finish your job safer and in half the time, you'll wear it."

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A lot of people reach out to me. Education is a pathway to employment, understanding and enjoyment. Still, there's a time to leave school behind and live your life. When people come asking for career advice, I always encourage them to define goals and look for the easiest and least costly ways to reach those goals. Since graduate school is neither easy nor cheap, I don't encourage anyone to attend unless there's a special and compelling reason (such as a desire to become a college professor, one of the few jobs that absolutely requires a graduate degree).