Personalized marketing strategies for the digital era


The new world of marketing is personalized, contextualized, and dynamic. Increasingly, this world is orchestrated not by outside parties but by chief marketing officers partnering with their technology organizations to bring control of the human experience back in-house. Together, CMOs and CIOs are building an arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools that are powered by emerging technology. Their goal is to transform marketing from a customer acquisition-focused activity to one that enables a superb human experience, grounded in data. In experiential marketing, companies treat each customer as an individual by understanding their preferences and behaviors. Analytics and cognitive capabilities illuminate the context of customers' needs and desires, and determine the optimal way to engage with them. Experience-management tools tailor content and identify the best method of delivery across physical and digital touchpoints, bringing us closer to truly unique engagement with each and every human. Imagine a world in which a brand knows who you are and what you want, and can deliver the product, service, or experience that best suits your needs seamlessly and in real time, across physical or digital channels. Marketing technology is undergoing a renaissance. Channel-focused solutions such as websites, social and mobile platforms, content management tools, and search engine optimization are fast becoming yesterday's news. As part of the growing beyond marketing trend, organizations are adopting a new generation of martech systems that deliver unprecedented levels of customer intimacy, targeted engagement, and precision impact.

How AI Optimizes Email Marketing Performance


More targeted offers and promotions. Fine-tuned frequency and send times. These are some of the mechanics of email tasks marketers are looking to AI to help improve. "With tools such as Bluecore and Custora, we are able to learn from the customer's past behavior and also anticipate what customers want to purchase - as well as the timing for when they want to buy," says David Gottesman director of digital marketing at Teleflora. "This allows Teleflora to create a strategy with automated triggers for every stage of the customer lifecycle, helping build brand loyalty and keep the customer coming back."

Product Differentiation Disappears, It's Time For Personalized Engagement


Gone are the days when banks and credit unions could compete on product or price. Today, the best way to differentiate a brand is through hyper-personalized financial recommendations driven by data and advanced decision tools. Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!According to the WSJ, the number of branches in the U.S. are declining at the fastest pace on record. Although that may be understandable given a shifting preference for digital banking, this is coupled with findings by J.D. Power that fully digital bank customers are the least satisfied – even Millennials. Is this because digital banking apps are poorly designed or because digital banking consumers are more demanding … or both?

How AI Helps Add Personalization to Your Email Campaigns


Despite the fierce competition from other marketing channels, e-mail marketing remains a crucial marketing tool for businesses large and small that lets them communicate with prospects as well as current customers. The key to great e-mail marketing is crafting content that people actually want in their inboxes and that speaks to each customer separately, instead of a single e-mail sent to one and all. The future of e-mail is real-time, behavior-based personalization. A study by Marketo shows that personalized, triggered e-mails based on behavior are 3x better than batch-and-blast e-mails. With more in-the-moment personalization, marketers will be able to draw greater benefits from their e-mail campaigns, and AI is here to help.

10 things that will make your Hanukkah more lit than a menorah

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