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Samsung begins MicroLED TV pre-orders


Samsung Electronics has begun pre-orders for its touted MicroLED TV, dubbed "The Wall". The TV, first unveiled at CES earlier in the year, is powered by micrometer-sized LED modules. It is modular, meaning consumers can customise sizes. At InfoComm, where Samsung made the announcement, the company also pushed The Wall Professional, its enterprise brand version of the model. The business-ready variation is aimed at lobbies, museums, galleries, and retail spaces.

Our first look at Samsung's massive 146-inch 4K MicroLED TV


Last night, Samsung unveiled its vision for the future of the living room: The Wall, a 146-inch 4K TV made up of MicroLED panels. Yes, Samsung is skipping OLED entirely as it moves beyond its "QLED" LCD technology. The company claims The Wall has all of the benefits of OLED, without any of the downsides, like the potential for burn-in and worries about shortened lifespans. Since each pixel is self-emitting, there's no backlight like there is with LCDs, and that means it can deliver brighter whites and pure blacks like OLED.

Apple reportedly invests in its own MicroLED display tech


Like OLED (used in the Apple Watch and now iPhone X, MicroLED tech doesn't need a backlight, so it could provide better contrast while using less power, but since it has to be assembled one sub-pixel at a time (each pixel requires three), it hasn't come to the mass market yet. Samsung plans to release its The Wall modular television built with MicroLED in August. The rumor claims that Apple made its first Apple Watch MicroLED prototype last year, and the device has previously been reported as an initial target for the technology. The "T159" project where engineers are working on design and production is reportedly done inside a large manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, as it works on a way to replace technology designed by competitors like Samsung and LG. Just like the custom-designed processors used in its mobile devices, Apple would still likely have others build the actual displays, but if it's first to MicroLED then it could offer another level of quality (and power-efficiency) than anyone else can provide.

Apple is reportedly working on its own MicroLED screens


Apple is working on a new type of LED display in a secret facility in California, Bloomberg reported Monday. The screen tech, called MicroLED, is similar to OLED in some respects (both don't require backlight and offer better contrast than LCDs) but has better brightness and consumes less energy. However, MicroLED is harder to produce than OLED, which is why the technology hasn't been successfully commercialized yet. SEE ALSO: Apple's still trying to convince us Face ID is cool The fact that Apple is interested in MicroLED isn't new; the company acquired MicroLED developer LuxVue in May 2014. Back then, rumors had it that Apple will use MicroLED in its then-upcoming Watch, but the company ended up using an OLED screen.

Apple testing its own MicroLED device screens: Report


Apple is designing and producing its own device displays for the first time, according to a report from Bloomberg. For testing purposes, Apple is making a small number of screens starting with the Apple Watch at a manufacturing facility near its California headquarters. Does Face ID make the iPhone X more secure? A brief lesson in threat models, and why you should care. Apple is making a significant investment into MicroLED screens, Bloomberg said, a screen technology promising thinner gadgets with brighter and less power-hungry displays.