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Data science aims to find next El Niño


The El Niño/La Niña pattern in the Pacific Ocean is notorious for its long-distance effects on weather as far away as Africa and the Midwestern United States. But climate experts also know of several other such patterns, known as "teleconnections," and believe that there are many more to be discovered. The new TRIPODS Climate project, a collaboration among the University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of California-Irvine, will develop novel data science tools to sniff out these hidden patterns, improving weather forecasts and scientific understanding of global climate. Researchers will apply data science methods such as machine learning, network analysis and predictive modeling to the growing flood of climate data. "There are fundamental challenges pervasive in data science that are epitomized in the climate science setting, making this collaboration a nice opportunity for advances on a number of fronts," said Rebecca Willett, professor of computer science and statistics at UChicago.

This is not your parents' camera tripod


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Tech's favorite bag brand will sell you a $600 carbon fiber tripod


Peak Design is known for its trendy (and pricey) camera bags and straps -- it's the kit du jour for photographers and vloggers. And now it's adding a travel tripod to the fold. It might not be the most exciting product launch ever, but it looks like the company has put a lot of thought into its design, and it packs a pretty powerful punch in terms of on-the-go features. While traditional tripods are bulky and take up space, Peak Design's Travel Tripod has legs that nest perfectly together, achieving a maximum diameter of just 3.25 inches (around the same as a water bottle) while still boasting a height of 58.5 inches, so it's pretty portable. Additionally, the tripod head comes with a single adjustment ring for super-fast camera attachment.

New TRIPODS X Awards Target Big Data Solutions for Research


Building on the success of its 2017 Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) awards, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is awarding $8.5 million in TRIPODS X grants to expand the scope of the cross-disciplinary TRIPODS institutes into broader areas of science, engineering and mathematics. In total, NSF will support 19 collaborative projects at 23 universities. The supported teams will bring new perspectives to bear on complex and entrenched data science problems. "The multidisciplinary approach for addressing the increasing volume and complexity of data enabled through the TRIPODS X projects will have a profound impact on the field of data science and its use," said Jim Kurose, NSF assistant director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE). "This impact will be sure to grow as data continues to drive scientific discovery and innovation."

A Beautiful Tripod That Doubles as a Selfie Stick Because 2017


Tripods are not flashy things. They exist only to help you get just the right shot, like an overlooked and uncredited photographer's assistant. But it doesn't have to be that way. Enter the MeFoto Backpacker Air: a tripod that is equally stylish and versatile. The top piece pops off and doubles as a selfie stick.