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Bay Area Women in Machine Learning & Data Science


Our next meetup will be in San Fransisco where speakers from NeurotechX, Stripe, and Affirm talk about the intersection of data science, machine learning and fintech! Come by and enjoy food, networking and talks at Affirm's SF office. Additional sponsorship provided by O'Reilly. Abstract: We are living in an area with an ever growing number sensors, where streaming analytics and machine learning are critical. But what does it take to automate stream processing?

Should you add a loan to your shopping cart?

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Americans are going to spend $9 billion on Halloween this year, according to a new survey. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Is PayPal Co-Founder Max Levchin Making The Next Credit Card Killer?

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Max Levchin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Affirm. As a board member, he's helped steer Yahoo and Evernote. Now, Max Levchin's latest venture, the financial technology company Affirm, is seeking to bring more accountability and transparency to the banking industry through what he calls "fair and honest financing." According to, the average amount of credit card debt is about $9,600. If you make the minimum monthly payment, you could pay more than $11,615 in additional interest during the life of the loan -- which is more than you originally borrowed.

The Rise of Alternative Data in the Lending Market


EXCLUSIVE – There were conflicting views on the importance of the FICO score at the PayThink Conference in Phoenix this week. While only some professionals were bold enough to say the standardized credit scoring has become marginalized, others maintained that it was here to stay. However, all agreed on the increasing potential of alternative data. For fintechs and FIs, alternative data is typically gathered through machine learning and artificial intelligence. This data collects a wide spectrum of information, ranging from someone's job stability to their financial profile based their bank account balance.

Max Levchin's Affirm spins out independent B2B financing company Resolve


Affirm, a financial services company led by former PayPal CTO Max Levchin, is spinning out a new independent company focused on B2B commerce. As a refresher, Affirm is pitched as a way to bring fair pricing to consumer credit, letting people without credit history or savings accounts pay for trips and other products over clearly mapped out installments. Affirm determines a person's creditworthiness via algorithms at the point of sale. Its new company, similarly named Resolve, takes that buy now, pay later approach and applies it to business purchasing. Developed by Chris Tsai and Brian Nguyen, Resolve is an automated payments platform offering extended net 30, 60 and 90-day payment terms for business buyers.