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How Augmented Reality Is Changing The World Of Consumer Marketing


Imagine delivering a marketing strategy in real time. Customers and clients get to experience your product or service as it is meant to be used. Augmented reality (AR) marketing takes the reins from virtual reality platforms to create a new, interactive consumer experience. It is so popular right now, its growth is expected to reach $117.4 billion by 2022. As little as five years ago, consumers knew little or nothing about this marketing tool.

Virtual Reality Marketing: How VR is shaping the future of digital marketing


Just a few years ago, virtual reality (VR) seemed like a far fetched term that only existed in sci-fi movies. Fast forward to 2017, the dream of a virtual world is a reality now.

How VR Will Impact the Future of Marketing


In fact, it's taken a pretty prominent place in the real world over the past five years. Products and services dedicated to the use of virtual reality (VR) have already been developed and are being used daily. You can find it in video games, movies, and more. For example, the VR game Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it was released to the mobile-gaming market in July of 2016. And companies like Samsung have created VR-gaming headsets you can instantly connect to your phone. Step into any technology store, and you can probably catch a glimpse of virtual reality taking shape. This explosion in growth for VR is good news for marketers.

5 Digital Marketing Trends Defining 2017


Digital marketing has always been a very dynamic field. Today marketers are finally get the respect they deserve, and that is mainly because new generation entrepreneurs understand the importance of building brands and winning over consumers. In this article we present several marketing trends that are defining 2017 and help companies to make their offer more attractive and competitive in the new year. Currently companies like Facebook's Oculus Rift are still developing their technology's 3D capabilities and we already can play many different video games on their devices. Oculus has now finally been released to a lot of excitement for gamers and movie-goers alike.

Virtual reality set to become a $5 billion industry by 2021


Bank Of America and Merrill Lynch launches VR marketing campaign. The financial services company is kicking off the campaign with a series of private events for clients to share its findings on how these future realities will transform business in the very near future. New technology using AR and MR is helping surgeons plan and position (in real time) patients undergoing ear, nose and throat surgery. The VR experience is being used for recruitment, to interest potential job applicants… ( Bank Of America and Merrill Lynch launches VR marketing campaign.