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Nintendo Switch to launch March 3 for $300

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The Nintendo Switch video game console, which will launch next March. Nintendo confirmed Thursday it will launch its Switch video game console worldwide on March 3. The console, which is a combination of a home and portable device, will cost $299.99 in the U.S. Players attach the tablet-like device to a dock to play at home on a television with standard video game controllers. Players can also remove the tablet, using a pair of "Joy-con" controllers on each side to play games while away from home. The Switch will have three game modes: A TV Mode where users plug Switch into the TV via docking station and play with a standard controller; a Tabletop Mode where the Switch sits up with a kickstand, and players hold both "Joy-con" controllers separately; and Handheld Mode, where players attach the Joy-con controllers to each side and play games on the go.

Nintendo Switch Killer Feature Isn't What You Think

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Nintendo Switch targets families with tablet console cross-over features and iconic gaming heroes. However, it's the best in class parental controls that make the Switch stand head and shoulders above Xbox and PlayStation for families. The device will offer a companion app that enables parents to set automatic daily time limits, restrict content and better understand how their children play games. It's a genuine game changer for screen time concerns and a great way to get parents playing more games with their children. Priced at $299.99 the Nintendo Switch pack includes the main tablet, a left and right pair of Joy-Con controllers and a dock to connect the tablet to a TV via an HDMI cable.

The 5 biggest reveals from Nintendo's Switch event

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The new console can be played on a TV or on the go. On Thursday, Nintendo finally offered an in-depth look at the Nintendo Switch, its next video game console launching in two months. The Switch is a home console with a tablet at the center. It can attach to a docking station connected to a home TV, or travel with players by connecting two remote-like controllers called "Joy-Cons." In case you missed Nintendo's event Thursday night in Tokyo, here were the five biggest announcements: It will launch on March 3 worldwide for $299.99.

Nintendo Switch hybrid hames console to go on sale in March

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Nintendo has finally revealed details of its upcoming, shape-shifting Switch device. The console will go on sale on March 3, at a cost of £279.99 in the UK and $299.99 in the US. The system, which alternates between a home and mobile gaming device, is an effort by the Japanese firm to regain lost ground. Nintendo has finally revealed details of its upcoming. The console will go on sale on March 3, at a cost of £279.99 in the UK and $299.99 in the US'TV Mode' - lets you play using a classic set-top on a big screen.

Everything to Know About Nintendo's New 'Switch' Console

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Nintendo on Thursday unveiled the new console it plans to launch next year: the Switch. Previously referred to as the NX, the Switch is a radical new design that can be used for both at-home and mobile gameplay. Here's a closer look at everything we know about the Switch so far. The Nintendo Switch is a new console that can be used to play games on your television at home and on-the-go. Nintendo's introductory video shows the Switch being used in a living room on a TV and in a park as a handheld console.