Microsoft: No, Microsoft Edge will not natively block ads


Microsoft does not plan on baking an online ad blocker into its Edge browser, a company engineer said today, rebutting a piece published Wednesday that got wide follow-on coverage. "We are not building a native ad blocker within [Microsoft Edge], but we will support third-party ad blockers like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus," tweeted Jacob Rossi, an engineer on the browser team, earlier today. Rossi and another Microsoft developer, Kyle Pflug, who also tweeted comments about the purported in-Edge-ad-blocker, were responding to a post on ZDNet that cited a slide in a session held Wednesday at Build, Microsoft's annual developer conference. "'Build ad blocking features into the browser,' is also being targeted for the next edition," wrote Ed Bott about a slide used in the session "Microsoft Edge: What's Next for Microsoft's New Browser and Web Platform." Rossi and Pflug said that the slide was misinterpreted.

Windows 10: Why does Microsoft Edge have only 70 extensions after a whole year?


Microsoft has taken a "purposefully metered approach" to building a "thoughtfully curated ecosystem" of extensions. If you're wondering why Windows 10's built-in Edge browser has so few extensions a year on from enabling them, it's not because developers don't want to build them for a browser that few people use. Rather, the sluggish pace of growth is because Microsoft is taking it slow and steady on enabling new extensions. As Microsoft explains, it has set a "high bar for quality" to ensure Edge's security, performance, and reliability aren't impaired by unwieldy extensions. So even though Windows 10 users have been clamoring for more extensions to make Edge suit their needs, which in turn would boost usage, Microsoft has taken a "purposefully metered approach" to building a "thoughtfully curated ecosystem" of extensions.

Latest Windows 10 Insider preview build's small touches add up to a major update


Microsoft's latest Insider preview build is out and it's brimming with a bunch of minor goodies that should be headed to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. The biggest improvements to build 14342, which was released to users on the fast ring late Tuesday, include more functionality for Microsoft Edge, extended dark theme support, and a number of other small additions that many users will appreciate. As was widely covered last weekend, Microsoft recently added AdBlock and AdBlock Plus Edge extensions to the Windows Store. These are some of the earliest of what Microsoft hopes will be many Edge extensions headed to the Windows Store, and they're easier to install than the very first Edge extensions. Users on version 14342 can now download and install extensions directly from the Store instead of extracting them from a folder on their PC.

Microsoft's new Windows 10 preview: Real-time notifications, extensions for Edge, Skype dark theme


Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14342 lets users install Edge extensions directly from the Windows Store. Microsoft's Insider Preview build of Windows 10 brings a ton of bug fixes and feature updates for Edge, Ubuntu, Skype, and more. The latest Fast Ring version of the Windows 10 Insider Preview, build number 14342, allows users to install Edge extensions directly from the Windows Store, rather than side-loading them from a local folder. Gabe Aul, corporate vice president of Microsoft's engineering systems team, highlighted in a blogpost that this build will allow users to install AdBlock and Adblock Plus from the Windows Store. Windows 10 has been available to the public for six months this week.

Microsoft adds a dedicated Edge Extensions tab in Microsoft Store


Microsoft's default Web browser, Edge has not been able to garner much share as compared to its competitor Chrome. The browser is still reeling at 5% market share since the launch of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system back in 2015. Now to promote, Microsoft is looking at different ways to increase the browser's popularity and today the company is adding a new Edge Extension dedicated tab which is now available in the Microsoft Store. The Edge Extensions tab is visible for users who have downloaded the latest version of the Store App 11802.1001.8.0. Earlier users had to scroll down the home page to see the title "Edge Extensions".