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AI is the future of healthy eating


The EU should move on from'outdated' debates over front-of-pack labelling and instead focus on tailor-made technological solutions for the future of nutrition, experts told a recent panel โ€“ but critics say this privileges only the richest in society. The European Commission is expected to put forward its proposal for an EU-wide nutritional labelling system in early 2023. The current front runner is the Nutriscore, a controversial colour-coded system championed by France which ranks food from A to E. The score has proven divisive, especially among stakeholders in Europe's South, who argue the score penalises the Mediterranean diet. But, for Pietro Paganini, co-founder of the EU think-tank Competere, the debate is redundant. Instead, efforts should focus on technological developments and personalised diets rather than'old outdated system[s]' such as front-of-pack nutritional labelling.

Global healthcare AI market to reach $35B by 2025


The total global revenue opportunity for the healthcare artificial intelligence market will exceed $34 billion by 2025, according to a report from Tractica. The report notes that global software revenue from 22 key healthcare AI use cases will grow from $511.7 million in 2018 to $8.6 billion annually by 2025. More articles on artificial intelligence: Director of analytics tops list of top-paying AI jobs Indiana U School of Medicine partners with Fujifilm for AI research Dr. Eric Topol turns critical eye on landmark FDA-approved AI device

This Week in Science: July 14 โ€“ July 20, 2018


An ethics committee says creating GM babies is "morally permissible" AI experts vow they won't help create lethal autonomous weapons

The FDA approved an algorithm that predicts death


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of an algorithm which monitors patients' vitals to help predict sudden death from heart attacks or respiratory failure. The algorithm, named the Wave Clinical Platform, was developed by medical technology company ExcelMedical.