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'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2 Spoilers: Stein Will Discover Something 'Funky' In 2016 In 'Invasion!' Crossover Event

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Stein (Victor Garber) is going to find something striking when the Legends return to 2016 to help The Flash (Grant Gustin), Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stop the Dominators from invading Earth-1. In a recent interview, Variety asked "Legends of Tomorrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim if the Legends are going to notice anything "funky" in 2016, as it's the first time they would be back in the present day since Barry created Flashpoint. Guggenheim revealed that Stein is going to "notice something pretty funky," but didn't clearly confirm whether it's a direct result of Barry messing with the timeline or a consequence of a previous time aberration. According to the synopsis for Season 2, episode 7 of "Legends of Tomorrow" -- which is the fourth and final installment of the "Invasion!" 'Legends Of Tomorrow': Arthur Darvill Spotted Filming Season 2, Episode 11 [PHOTO] 'Legends Of Tomorrow': Arthur Darvill Reveals Reason Behind Rip Hunter's Season 2 Disappearance'Legends Of Tomorrow': The Team Falls Into Legion Of Doom's Trap In Season 2, Episode 8 'Legends Of Tomorrow': Arthur Darvill Spotted Filming Season 2, Episode 11 [PHOTO] 'Legends Of Tomorrow': Arthur Darvill Reveals Reason Behind Rip Hunter's Season 2 Disappearance The Legends last visited 1987 in Season 2, episode 5, titled "Compromised."

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2, Episode 16 Trailer Teases New Legion Of Doom-Created Reality

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The Legends are living a completely different life in Season 2, episode 16 of "Legends of Tomorrow." After obtaining the Spear of Destiny at the end of Season 2, episode 15, the Legion of Doom creates a new reality in which the Legends are no longer a threat to them. As seen in the trailer for episode 16, Sara (Caity Lotz) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) now work for Damien Darhk (Neal Mc Donough); Ray (Brandon Routh) is a janitor; and Stein (Victor Garber) is an employee at S.T.A.R. Labs under the supervision of a rather arrogant Jax (Franz Drameh). Despite all these alterations, Mick (Dominic Purcell) -- who betrayed his fellow Legends at the end of last episode -- remains unchanged. In the promo video, Mick admits that he "made a terrible mistake" and appears to be gathering the team to go against the Legion of Doom once and for all.

'Legends Of Tomorrow': Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill Tease Sara, Rip's New Dynamic

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It looks like the relationship between the Legends and their former captain Rip will never be the same again. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, "Legends of Tomorrow" star Caity Lotz revealed that her character, Sara, "feels a little betrayed" by Rip (Arthur Darvill) when he relieves her and the rest of the Legends of duty and replaces them with the Time Bureau. Lotz said that the Rip's decision to create the Time Bureau is basically saying that the Legends are a failure, which is the complete opposite of what he said to Sara at the end of last season. "When he left, he's like, 'You guys are great, good job. You don't need me,'" the actress pointed out.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Spoilers: 'Spartacus' Alum Simon Merrells Joins Cast

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Simon Merrells has landed a role in Season 3 of "Legends of Tomorrow." According to Comic Book Resources, Merrells will play Julius Caesar in an upcoming episode of the CW series. "We start out in 2017, obviously," executive producer Phil Klemmer said of where Season 3 picks up. "But we're going to take a trip back to Ancient Rome. We're going to have Simon Merrells -- he played Julius Ceaser's [patron Crassus] on'Spartacus' -- who's going to be playing Julius Caesar on our show."

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Spoilers: EP Teases Kid Flash's Arrival

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"Legends of Tomorrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed the first details about Wally West's arrival on the CW series.