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YouTube now includes an 'Incognito Mode' for videos

Daily Mail - Science & tech

YouTube has rolled-out an Incognito mode for Android app users, which omits any videos from your viewing history, similar to the feature offered in Google Chrome. By default, Google will track everything you search and view on the video streaming platform in order to personalise video suggestions and improve targeted adverts. However, there are times when you might not want a particular video search to be logged by the Mountain View-based company. Incognito mode will shutdown tracking by Google, although, enabling the feature does not stop Internet Service Providers (ISPs) seeing all of your activities. To activate Incognito mode, YouTube users need to tap the avatar in the top right-hand corner of the app and select the option'Turn On Incognito' in the main menu Incognito mode on YouTube is available to Android today.

Google removes Chrome Apps from Web Store, pushes to PWAs


Google on Wednesday made good on its promise to rid of Chrome Apps. As the web giant focuses on extensions and web apps, Chrome Apps are no longer available to download on the Chrome Web Store.

Review your entire Google life on this handy new page


Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, etc -- leaves behind a lot of information about your daily activities. In June 2015, Google launched a "My Account" dashboard, which lets you control the privacy aspects of the various Google services you use, but to actually see your history, you had to go to several different places. Google has launched a My Activity page, which gives you a detailed overview of everything you've done on Google, ever (provided you haven't explicitly forbid Google to accumulate this data). This includes your entire Chrome browsing history, search queries on Google, image searches, videos you've watched on YouTube, Google Now cards you've seen, to name a few. Android users and those heavily reliant on Google's services will likely find that this page contains their entire online life.

On The Chrome Horizon: Five Very Useful Features That Are In Development

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Keeping tabs open in Chrome drains battery life and degrades performance as websites load tasks and fetch resources. There are many Chrome extensions that promise to shut down background tabs, but Google is working to provide a solution of their own. XDA Developers reports that Chrome for Android will soon choke off background tabs after five minutes of inactivity. Google tested the new feature for five months and found that stopping communication between a website and a background tab after 5 minutes reduced CPU usage (thereby extending battery life) and increased performance when two or more tabs are loading. The test period also allowed Google's engineers to solve all the problems that cropped up while they fine tuned the 5-minute shutdown. Google intends to "to ramp up the experiment on stable and ship it". Legitimate use cases such as listening to music and picture-in-picture videos will be exempted.

Google Now - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Google Now is available within the Google Search mobile application for Android and iOS, as well as the Google Chrome web browser on personal computers. Google Now uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of web services. Along with answering user-initiated queries, Google Now proactively delivers to users information that it predicts (based on their search habits) they may want. It was first included in Android 4.1 ("Jelly Bean"), which launched on July 9, 2012, and was first supported on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.