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Marketing Disrupted: 5 Ways AR & VR Are Reshaping Digital Marketing


Augmented reality is more than a buzzword. Move over human influencers; virtual beings might be the next-gen in the near future of marketing. Ever want to grab a headset and meet your client in virtual reality instead of Zoom – see what your home office makeover could look like using augmented reality or create a virtual copy of yourself and send it off to teach your next webinar or Facebook Live? Digital marketers are facing new realities, thanks to pandemic disruptions, diversity movements, and social distancing. Everything – from virtual spaces, micro-messaging to digital creators to platform targeting – has completely turned marketing upside down in the last few months.

New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design


The digital and technological landscape is constantly changing, and in many ways accelerating. Designers tasked to come up with innovative ideas have to keep track of what is trending and where the creative opportunities are. Recognizing the changes that are occurring in the industry will help designers design smarter and make more informed creative decisions. In the technology adoption life cycle, "Innovators" are the smallest group, yet the most successful. They are followed by "Early Adopters," then "Early Majority," and later, "The Majority," or everyone else. As innovators, great designers usually fall into the "Early Adopters" category--big risk takers in uncharted territory.

Move Over, Zoom, Holograms Are Next - InformationWeek


Any Star Trek fan knows what a hologram is, but that science fiction is still years ahead of science fact. They provide yet another way for people to communicate, collaborate and otherwise interact with virtually anyone from anywhere, assuming the right technology is in place on the sending and receiving ends. It's now possible to "beam" to a remote conference stage to deliver a presentation or participate in a panel discussion as if you were there in person. Conversely, several people's holograms can simultaneously present at a conference or in a meeting and interact with each other as well as live presenters or performers. In fact, there is a spectrum of digital human twins ranging from avatars to holograms.

The Metaverse Is Coming And It's A Very Big Deal


So what happens when the world becomes a billboard, robots have spatial reasoning and virtual assistants own the relationship with the consumer? The metaverse is coming and it's a very big deal.

How Technology Will Create These 7 Jobs In The Future


They might apply to one of these futuristic job ads one day. Fifteen years ago, people would have looked at you sideways if you told them you were a data scientist, driverless car engineer, or drone operator. It's hard to believe, but in 2006 those industries didn't really exist. By 2030, automation is expected to hit a midpoint, "something like 16 percent of occupations would have been automated--and there would be impact and dislocation as a result of these technologies." Artificial Intelligence, spatial computing (augmented and virtual reality), brain-computer interfaces, are all set to substitute labor or complement it in some way.