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Your Company Is About To Undergo Digital Transformation: Who Benefits?


Yesterday, while speaking at the opening of a regional trade fair in Spain, I took the opportunity to once again repeat my message that that digital transformation is not a technology problem but a people problem: technology, with few exceptions, tends to be there when needed and to evolve, in addition, to become simpler, cheaper and more versatile over time, what's more, it can't be uninvented. In this context, I introduced the concept of digital dividends in the sense commonly used by the World Bank, i.e., the benefits that emerge from adopting or using a particular technology. What does this have to do with digital transformation? In my opinion, to introduce a variable that we can estimate in a broad way and that calculates not only the benefit of a digital transformation, but who benefits. If the benefits that emerge from a digital transformation process are mostly absorbed by the company that carries it out and not distributed among the different actors involved, whether they are workers, customers, suppliers or others, we can expect little commitment from these players, meaning that the process is highly likely to fail.

Digital transformation spend to reach $57 billion in LatAm by 2020


Spending related to digital transformation in Latin American markets should reach $57 billion within the next two years, according to research by analyst firm IDC.

How Your Company's IT Group Must Change To Support Digital Transformation


For the last five years, companies experimented with digital transformation. They are now convinced that the benefits are there and convinced that if they don't take them, their competitors will. As digital technologies become more deeply embedded in the fabric of how companies compete, it forces IT departments to shift their role to become partners aligned with the business needs and digital transformation. Changing IT is a fundamental realignment of how IT is organized, how it conceives itself and its role in the organization. This effort is not brand new, and this change in the role of IT has been evolving for a couple of years.

How to implement Digital Transformation in an Enterprise using artificial intelligence?


For example, according to salesforce digital transformation is - Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new -- or modify existing -- business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation.

How To Bring Digital Transformation To Education

Forbes - Tech

University and K-12 chief information officers (CIOs) are increasingly aware of the urgency and power of digital transformation. There is a wide untapped opportunity to maximize efficiency, collaboration and reduce cost and errors in your operations. In this article, I'll showcase how a series of small steps can help bring about digital transformation.