7 things you didn’t know Google Search could do until now

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Google Search is much more powerful than most people know. Google is way more powerful than most people realize. Regular searches are helpful, but they don't even scratch the surface of Google's abilities. Sometimes, your basic search inquiries may not be enough or you need a tip to get the best results. Fair warning: You can't mention Google without also mentioning tracking.

How to quickly manage and delete your Google search history


We already know Google collects a ton of data on us, and a lot of it comes from search. Google offers plenty of ways to limit the amount of data you have lying around, but they're not all that easy to find. Starting today, Google is making it easier to both see and delete your search activity. Previously, you could visit your Google Account in Settings on Android phones or on the web on iOS, tap Manage your data & personalization and then My Activity to see your search results. Then you needed to tap the three-dot menu and select Delete to get rid of something.

Optimizing your search functionality on your website


I could not agree more. At DSC, we've replaced our previous under-performing search tool by a new one, much more user-friendly and powerful. It's to the point that we are even considering creating a search engine entirely dedicated to data science, using our search tool. We are also getting more and more traffic from internal search, by posting / tweeting search result pages such as this one or this other one.

Did you meet Google Dataset Search?


These five points are important, of course, but apart from all that, if we don't have any data, we then don't have any project. If you don't know how to get it then you have nothing. And beyond this, in my previous article, I highlighted some important questions you should make yourself about source, format and necessary actions to make yourself with the data. Now…what if I told you, there's a source where you can search for thousands of datasets, and datasets only, from all around the world, in several formats and easy for you to discover and access? And who else than Google to make available something like this? Welcome to Dataset Search…the -not that new, but still in beta- Google's search engine ONLY for datasets.

Google says its search can't be biased--that's not how search works

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Google search powers trillions of inquiries a year, but for those on the outside of the company, precisely how that engine works is a mystery. Some people, like President Donald Trump, see political bias in this opacity. But while the exact algorithms that power Google search are unknown, the way it generally works--and some of its history--are knowable. And the fact that it is somewhat mysterious is actually a good thing for the average internet user. Google's search system is powered by proprietary algorithms that deliver results based on what it thinks the person wants in return.