Medical Minecraft uses IBM Watson to teach students about infectious diseases


IBM's Watson is still in its early days, but the cognitive computing system could end up having a substantial impact on a number of industries, particularly healthcare and education. For example, Alder Hey Children's Hospital in England is currently using the technology to improve the patient experience, while an interactive toy called the Cognitoys Dino uses Watson to answer a child's questions in a kid-friendly and personalized way. Another space that could largely benefit from Watson's capabilities is the gaming industry. The interactive nature of games paired with Watson's natural language processing capabilities and data analysis has already led to a number of new gaming initiatives, including the first-ever Minecraft game that utilizes Watson. Called'Medical Minecraft,' the game was recently created by a group of high school students.

Cédric Villani: Which will win out – robots or human beings?


Which will win out – robots or human beings? This is a highly topical question. The South Koreans, and many more millions of curious people worldwide, became obsessed with this issue when a match was played between a professional Go player named Lee Se-Dol, and AlphaGo, a computer programme developed by Google subsidiary DeepMind. The match resulted in a 4-1 victory for the machine over the Korean star player. Given that Go was one of the last bastions of the games world to hold out against the learning and analysis techniques employed by cutting-edge computers, this defeat basically symbolises the considerable progress made by deep learning.

Coroner finds no evidence of trauma in Colton sixth-grader who died after school soccer game

Los Angeles Times

A Colton sixth-grader who collapsed during a school soccer game and died Tuesday suffered from an enlarged heart and early signs of congestive heart failure, according to a preliminary coroner's report. The death of 12-year-old Dominick Gallegos stunned classmates at Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School this week, while the boy's parents claimed that a bully had stomped on their son's chest. On Thursday, however, the San Bernardino County Coroner posted a preliminary autopsy that reported no evidence of trauma in the boy's death. "An autopsy was performed on Dominick today," the report stated. "No evidence of trauma was found.

High school baseball team can name coach's baby after winning 14 games


PSA: If you let a high school baseball team name your baby, the name will probably be baseball related. That's exactly what Palm Bay, Florida, coach Rob Querry is learning this week, after promising the Heritage High School Panthers they could name his unborn child if they won 14 games. And win 14 games they did. Heritage baseball Coach has a lot riding on his team's 2016 se... Heritage High School baseball coach Rob Querry took a big risk when he made this once-in-a-lifetime deal with his team. The Panthers were a long shot to achieve their goal -- when Querry proposed the deal, they hadn't won a single game.

AlphaGo takes AI to a new level -


At the end of the fifth and final match, Lee Sedol sat back quietly in his chair in a conference room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul as the collected computer scientists celebrated around him. Lee, second only to fellow South Korean Lee Chang-Ho in international titles in the ancient Chinese board game of Go, put up a valiant fight against the machine, AlphaGo, created by Google's DeepMind division. AlphaGo had erred early on, but recovered to overpower the human and win the series four to one. Board games have been used since the early days of artificial intelligence research as ways to measure progress -- IBM's Deep Blue famously beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in New York in 1997 -- and AlphaGo's victory marks another significant milestone in the advancement of the technology. Go presents a far greater challenge to AI than chess.