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Oracle launches Arm instances, support for Arm-based app development


Oracle on Tuesday announced that its first Arm-based compute offering, OCI Ampere A1 Compute, is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In conjunction with the launch, Oracle is working with the open source and CI/CD community to support Arm-based application development. It's also offering the new Arm instances via its free tier, and it's expanding its free tier offerings with a program called Arm Accelerator. The new instances are priced at only one cent per core hour, which Oracle says is the best price-performance compared to any other x86 instance on a per core basis. Additionally, Oracle offers flexible VM sizing.

Oracle integrates Service Cloud with Oracle IoT Cloud


Oracle on Monday is rolling out its Internet of Things Accelerator, a packaged integration between the Oracle's Service Cloud and its IoT Cloud. The new offering should give Oracle customers, particularly in industries like manufacturing or consumer electronics, new ways to use the vast quantities of data collected from internet-connected devices to improve customer service and realize new efficiencies. The open source integration includes implementation documentation to easily configure, extend and deploy. "Where we're unique is in thinking about that end-to-end solution," Steve Fioretti, vice president of product management for the Oracle Service Cloud, told ZDNet. In other words, Oracle is providing the Java running on the devices themselves, the infrastructure to collect messages from those machines securely and at scale, tools to analyze the messages that matter and the platforms on which to act on those messages.

WWPI – Covering the best in IT since 1980 » Blog Archive » Oracle announces autonomous database cloud to boost performance and increase machine learning


Oracle unveiled on Monday its initial autonomous database cloud that comes powered by Oracle Database 18c. It uses machine learning to enable automation that eliminates human labor, human error and manual tuning, to enable improved availability, high performance and security at a much lower cost. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a next-generation cloud service built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology using machine learning to deliver enhanced performance, reliability and ease of deployment for data warehouses. As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more strategic business projects. The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labor associated with tuning, patching, updating and maintaining the database and includes self-driving that provides continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning.

Test Drive Oracle Analytics Cloud Near You


Recently, I attended an Oracle'Test Drive' workshop session that offered customers a hands-on experience using Oracle Analytics Cloud. This event was held in Houston and allowed more than 45 customers to gain a better understanding of the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud and the business benefits it offers. A key Oracle partner, Perficient, led several labs which covered several modules including predictive analytics, machine learning, and visual analytics. These events are free of charge and include an overview of dashboards and pre-built reports; data visualization, machine learning and data modeling using Oracle Essbase. In Houston, it was interesting to hear the partner's perspective on how they are seeing analytics change their customer's businesses.

Code Online Oracle Cloud


Oracle Code Online is an online event that includes technical demonstrations and presentations from community advocates, Oracle ACEs, product leads, and Java Champions. The content is organized into five tracks, with individual sessions in each track. All you need to attend is your PC, laptop, or tablet. During each live session you will be able to chat instantaneously with any questions or comments about the presentation.