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Cut The Cord With This Digital Antenna, Now Half Off


Cord cutting continues to gain popularity, but some of us still resist the movement for fear that we'll lose access to key programming. What you may not realize, however, is that you can still watch popular television shows--for free--via over the air transmissions and without having to mount an ugly mechanical antenna over your roof. All you need is a digital antenna like as the ANTOP AT-402B, which is currently on sale for just $79.99. Unlike the old mechanical antennas of the past, today's digital antennas are sleek, compact, and provide a crystal clear HD picture with amazing sound. The ANTOP AT-402B sets up easily, is able to receive signals from up to 70 miles away, and you can place it virtually anywhere around your home or property.

Transition from Mechanical Engineer to Machine Learning Engineer (or Data Scientist)


I have a Mechanical Engineering (ME) background as all of my degrees are in ME. After my Bachelor, I was doing my higher education in the field of Robotics when the Data revolution took shape. People were more familiar with the word "Big Data" at the time rather than Data Science. Then, I got hooked up with Machine Learning and started steering my career path towards Data Science since. I had a bit of good start with a Robotics background, especially in programming, so I didn't have to start from scratch.

Data-Dependence of Plateau Phenomenon in Learning with Neural Network --- Statistical Mechanical Analysis

Neural Information Processing Systems

The plateau phenomenon, wherein the loss value stops decreasing during the process of learning, has been reported by various researchers. The phenomenon is actively inspected in the 1990s and found to be due to the fundamental hierarchical structure of neural network models. Then the phenomenon has been thought as inevitable. However, the phenomenon seldom occurs in the context of recent deep learning. There is a gap between theory and reality.

The LG Watch W7 is what you get when you put mechanical hands on a giant digital screen


Also on tap is the LG Watch W7, the company's first smartwatch in 18 months. It's a new sort of hybrid that promises extra-long battery life. We've seen plenty of hybrid Wear OS smartwatches from the likes of Fossil, Misfit, and Nokia/Withings, but the W7 puts a unique spin on the concept. Instead of a small screen for steps and mini alerts, LG's new wearable has a full 1.2-inch screen that runs Wear OS 2.1, so you'll be able to use apps just like you would on a normal smartwatch. What makes the W7 a hybrid is a pair of ever-present mechanical hands.

Applying Machine Learning to Digital Campaigns: View Slides - Digital Transformation


Here are the slides from my talk at July's Melbourne SEO Meetup. Thanks to the organisers for putting me on and to all those that attended. If you missed it or want a rerun, see the slides below!