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Use Apache Kafka to Add Streaming Analytics to Your Application


While relational databases are still the king of transaction processing systems, they have a hard time keeping up with the increasing demand for real-time analytics. In this session we will build and demonstrate an end-to-end data processing pipeline. We will discuss how to turn changes in database state into events and stream them into Apache Kafka. We will explain the basic concepts of streaming transformations using windows and KSQL before ingesting the transformed stream in a dashboard application. And lastly we will explore the possibilities of adding microservices as subscribers.

How Apache Kafka is Tested Confluent


The trend in software is away from up-front design processes and towards a more agile approach. This is probably a healthy thing for application development, but for distributed systems we think it is essential to making good software that you start with a good design. What are the core contracts, guarantees, and APIs? If you cannot clearly explain these things in a small amount of writing it will be very hard to test whether you've implemented them correctly in a large code base. Perhaps even more importantly, the goal of design discussions is to ensure the full development community has an understanding of the intention of a feature so that code reviews and future development maintain its correctness as the code base evolves.

Apache Kafka Complete Developer's Guide - Couponos


Learn core Apache Kafka features, create Java, Node.js, This course is all about Apache Kafka. Understand HOW Apache Kafka works and learn its core features ON PRACTICE. This is 80% practice course without no useless demos! Also you will build projects using APIs for other programming languages like Node.js and Python.

Transactions in Apache Kafka Confluent


In a previous blog post, we introduced exactly once semantics for Apache Kafka . That post covered the various message delivery semantics, introduced the idempotent producer, transactions, and the exactly once processing semantics for Kafka Streams. We will now pick up from where we left off and dive deeper into transactions in Apache Kafka. The goal of the document is to familiarize the reader with the main concepts needed to use the transaction API in Apache Kafka effectively.