Idaho, Environmental Group Settle Mine Pollution Lawsuit

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An environmental group and Idaho officials have reached a tentative settlement over toxic discharge from an abandoned silver and lead mine in central Idaho near some of the state's top tourist destinations.

Booker Introduces Environmental Justice Bill

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The bill would make the 1994 executive order on environmental justice law and expand its protections for minority and low-income communities. It would establish requirements for federal agencies to implement and update a strategy annually to address negative environmental health impacts. The measure also would make it easier to file lawsuits.

China uncovers environmental breaches at two-thirds of firms

The Japan Times

BEIJING – More than two-thirds of the companies investigated by China in its latest campaign against pollution have violated environmental rules, a environment ministry official told a briefing on Friday. China launched a campaign earlier this month aimed at "normalizing compliance" in 28 cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, a major pollution hot spot. Tian Weiyong, head of the monitoring department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said 4,077 firms had already been investigated as part of the campaign, and 2,808 firms were found to have violated environmental rules, 69 percent of the total. China is in the fourth year of its "war on pollution," but the environment ministry has traditionally struggled to impose its will on powerful industrial enterprises and growth-obsessed local governments. It has drawn up new laws and standards, increased the range of punishments and boosted its monitoring and enforcement capabilities in order to tackle noncompliance.

13 Pictures of Beautiful, Endangered Orangutans

National Geographic News

To celebrate these animals' beauty and improve conservation efforts, a group of nonprofits founded International Orangutan Day on August 19. The great apes' primary threat is the rapid deforestation of their habitats. With the global demand for palm oil growing exponentially, forests are being slashed and burned to make way for plantations. Without their home, orangutans have a hard time bouncing back, as they only reproduce every six to eight years.

Environmental Group Sues for Records of Wolf Killings

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Wolves are listed as endangered by the state in the eastern third of Washington, where they are relatively abundant. They have federal endangered species protection in the western two-thirds of the state.