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Stephen Colbert tried divine intervention to convince Oprah to run for president


On the Late Show last night, Colbert gave Oprah what she said she needed in order to run for president in 2020: a sign from God. After Oprah firmly explained the talkativeness of her co-stars from A Wrinkle In Time, as well as her intense dislike of gum chewing, Colbert joked, "are you going to yell through this entire interview?" Sounds like a perfect presidential candidate to me. Which is why Colbert staged a divine intervention from God, who appeared on the ceiling of the studio with a literal sign saying, "RUN!" along with Oprah 2020 merch that the Lord says he used his wife's credit card to pay for. Though Oprah did not seem convinced, but said she'd be adding running to her daily workout routine, she hopes God finds a candidate he is inspired by in 2020.

Samantha Bee tells NRA members to break free — and join Scientology


In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, the National Rifle Association is facing a lot of scrutiny from Americans who are tired of gun violence. So, in a new PSA aired on Wednesday, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee offered some advice to NRA members -- break free and join Scientology instead. "Is Scientology safe?" she asks. Bee continues, "Who needs a rifle to defend themselves when, as an OT VII, you could blow someone away with your brain?" A new'Series of Unfortunate Events' trailer is here to ruin your day Here's what it's like to wander around backstage at the Oscars with a bunch of celebrities

Who Is Snoke? 'Last Jedi' Fan Theories Point To Mace Windu, Palpatine

International Business Times

The trailer for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" sent Twitter abuzz Tuesday after the clip revealed Andy Serkis's Supreme Leader Snoke. One of the popular assumptions was the Snoke is a reincarnation of Mace Windu or Palpatine. Another theorized Snoke is a reborn Anakin. Love that it leaves so much open! Who really pulls that trigger?

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Building a Better Snoke


Star Wars fans met Snoke in The Force Awakens--kinda sorta. The withered baddie was just a fuzzy projection tele-conspiring with his First Order goons. But in December's sequel, The Last Jedi, the Supreme Leader gets his close-up. "Snoke's face is no longer a soapy, gelatinous hologram," says Industrial Light & Magic creative director Ben Morris. "He's going to be real." Well, as real as Andy Serkis covered in motion-capture sensors can be (with help from new rendering tech and purpose-built skin software). Which is to say: extremely, frighteningly alive.

Badass 'Star Wars' toys reveal new info about Supreme Leader Snoke


Where does he come from? SEE ALSO: If you've ever wanted to build your own droid, Star Wars just made your dreams come true Well, even though the new Star Wars toys unveiled on Force Friday don't give us any answers to the first two questions, they do give us a better look at the leader of the First Order: He looks sort of cute there, doesn't he? Well he looks less cute in this next one, but it does make something abundantly clear: he has a fabulous, shiny golden cloak. Snoke has a yellow cloak. Supreme Leader Snoke toy out here wearing the chicest fucking look I've ever seen The main question that remains is: why sit in such a dimly lit room when you've got such a beautiful cloak you could be showing off?