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What’s wrong with this bacon?

FOX News

You should be cooking bacon in the oven, period. See, bacon is a glorious thing. The crispy, fatty, salty pork makes so many things so much better. But let's be real: Frying it in a skillet is truly, profoundly, inescapably unpleasant. Not in terms of the actual procedure -- it's not hard to put some raw bacon in a hot skillet and watch it sizzle -- but in terms of the effects it has on your kitchen.

Best bacon brand is?

FOX News

Bacon lovers owe a big thanks to the hardworking man who conducted some important research to find the nation's best packaged pork product. "America's Bacon Critic," recently set out to find the best bacon in America. Last summer, Gold landed what many are referring to as "the best job ever," aka the official bacon critic for the breakfast-focused website Extra Crispy, beating out 1,500 plus other applicants and inciting envy amongst bacon lovers around the world. During his pork-packed journey, Gold sampled the good, the bad and the mediocre meats and came up with the answer to a very pressing food question: which bacon is the best? Along the way, the food writer also awarded acknowlegded several packages with what he's referring to as "Bacon Superlatives," for a special nod to bacon packs that met specific criteria.

Secret to cooking bacon?

FOX News

Yes, you really can grill bacon. When the sun is out and the only reasonable activity you can think of is standing next to a fiery grill with a beer in one hand, skip the steaks and go right for the bacon. Yes, you should *absolutely* be grilling your bacon--and painting a sweet and spicy glaze on it at the very end. If you're having it cut to order, ask your butcher for ¼"-thick strips. Thread that thick-cut bacon onto a skewer like a ribbon, making sure the skewer pierces through the meaty part, not the fat (which will drip and melt and become beautiful).

World's best bacon?

FOX News

If you love maple syrup and if you love bacon, run-- don't walk-- to the nearest Bob Evans. The restaurant chain is now serving a candied bacon appetizer that launched Sept. 14. "It's so crunchy, it doesn't even feel like meat, but it tastes like meat," said one taster who found the snack "surprisingly good." "It's sweet and savory and it's still crisp," said another satisfied Chew on This taster. Of course, the smoky sensation comes with a few extra calories – 116 per slice or 580 calories for a full serving of five. But health concerns--at least when it comes to bacon--may not be much of a concern for the average American.

Screening Room: "Bacon & God's Wrath"

The New Yorker

Razie, the subject of Sol Friedman's documentary "Bacon & God's Wrath," is a Jewish woman who's about to turn ninety. She's also recently become an atheist and is about to try bacon for the first time. From that simple setup, surprises flow. Lying on a couch, like one of Freud's analysands, Razie tells us about her strictly religious upbringing, which seems to have brought her little joy. As she describes how using the Internet led her to atheism ("Some of my most intimate thoughts and questions . . .