What's Old Can Be New Again for Businesses

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When those products break, remanufacturing requires another layer because of the inherent privacy risks. CoreCentric, as a result, needs to ensure not only that the smaller appliances are physically cleaned, "but these devices need to be cleared and the data removed from the cloud before it can be remanufactured and resold," Mr. Healy said. Data security is a concern for more than just consumer products. Medical equipment, like those used for M.R.I.s, captures and keeps health information, but at GE Healthcare, Siva Balakrishnan, the general manager for refurbished and remanufactured products, said that for both remanufacturing and refurbishing, all patient health information "is erased from the device. Then, the device undergoes any necessary software updates to ensure compliance with any updated cybersecurity requirements."

Here's how technology has improved modern medicine


Paper health records and massive filing cabinets stuffed with patient files are a thing of the past. The advent of electronic health records has allowed doctors offices and hospitals to transition from keeping enormous warehouses of paper records to keeping all of their patient information in online servers that can be easily accessed by any connected device. It's not a perfect system -- EHR's can be difficult to access, and they don't provide network-wide connectivity because of security issues. However, they can allow doctors and specialists at outlying locations to access a patient's record without the necessity of getting copies or relying on outdated fax machines to provide necessary information.


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Increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has prompted the public health and technology communities to innovate new measures to understand how individuals use Internet resources to attain relevant information, particularly for sensitive or stigmatized conditions. The purpose of this study is to examine recent health information seeking and needs of the r/STD community, a subreddit focused exclusively on STDs. We found that the majority of posts crowdsource information about intermediate, non-reportable STDs such as human papillomavirus (HPV). Crowdsourced information in this community focused on symptoms, treatment, as well as the social and emotional aspects of sexual health such as fear of misdiagnosis. From our analysis, it is clear that online communities focused on discussion of health symptoms have the ripe potential to influence information-seeking behavior and consumer action.

Doctors and Hospitals Say 'Show Me the Money' Before Treating Patients

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At many doctors' offices and hospitals, a routine part of doing business these days is estimating patients' out-of-pocket payments and trying to collect it up front. Eyeing retailers' practice of keeping credit card information on file, "there's certainly been a movement by health care providers to store some of this information and be able to access it with patients' permission," said Mark Rukavina, a principal at Community Health Advisors in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, who works with hospitals on addressing financial barriers to care.

Reward Offered for Information in Attack on Trucker

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Phillips says he managed to fight back, trying to gouge his attacker's eyes and using both feet to shove the man out of his truck. He called 911 and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for broken bones and a blood clot on his brain.