AI applied: How SAP and MapR are adding AI to their platforms ZDNet


SAP is embedding AI in applications; MapR is doing so in its data platform. In both cases, AI is becoming more ubiquitous and more convenient.

FinTech Platforms and Strategy

Communications of the ACM

Ten years from now, will Google and Amazon play more of a role in managing your investment portfolio than Fidelity? Finance has traditionally been about trust. We trust banks to hold our money and give it back to us when we want it; and we trust brokerage firms to buy the securities we want at market prices and to debit and credit our accounts accordingly. Because trust is so important, we have historically held banks and financial firms to much higher standards of compliance and control than other businesses. Financial institutions are required to follow well-defined processes with oversight and failsafe plans aimed at minimizing risk and maximizing public trust.

Hoverbikes are now real

FOX News

Okay, so maybe the 21st century under-delivered on the whole flying car thing, but it appears we're a lot closer to another form of personal flight than you probably thought. It seems the hoverbike, a tried and true addition to any futuristic science fiction arsenal, is already a reality. Hoversurf just released a trailer for its first fully manned hoverbike, built on a heavy duty drone platform called the Scorpion 3, and it's just as cool as it sounds. The video shows off the team's successful attempt at a fully manned hoverbike -- and just seeing the speedy contraption in action is enough to get your blood pumping -- but the real star of the show here is the Scorpion 3 drone platform. Hoversurf built the Scorpion 3 platform to be used in a number of different applications, and the hoverbike seen here is just one of those.

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence to Marketers


Up until now, we have been making use of adaptive platforms that use static rules written in advance by the marketer. These platforms can make in-the-moment content decisions, but it is not continuous machine learning. With AI we have machines that learn in real-time by observing subtle trends in engagement, removing the need for A/B testing, and have the capability to re-learn each time the consumer engages. Ultimately, AI will and already is reshaping how marketers engage with their customers.

How to get started with Microsoft AI


Join Joseph Sirosh, Corporate VP of the Cloud AI Platform, as he walks through the Microsoft AI platform and capabilities to allow any developer to infuse intelligence into their applications and target entirely new scenarios enabled by the latest innovations in AI.